NC State Engineering Class Projects

Winter & Spring Quarters, 2002

Aerial Videocam

Rib Cook-Off Blimp Camera
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The Mechanical Engineering Technology students in the day class built an aerial platform that holds a remote controlled video camera that can transmit live images back down to the ground.  The platform was designed to keep the camera in a stable mode, allowing it to take steady-cam pictures even while the blimp moved about with the wind.  The platform included a servo to tilt the camera, a motor to rotate the camera assembly 360 degrees, and all of the batteries and controls to transmit the signal to the ground.  The blimp is 18 feet long and can produce a lift of 10 pounds when filled with helium.  The pictures above were taken during the 2002 Rock 'N Ribs Festival at North Central State College.  The blimp was tethered about 100 feet above the crowd, and the live images from above were trasmitted to a giant truck mounted screen.  Using a standard hobby-type radio controlled transmitter, the camera can "look" directly down from above, or tilt up and scan the horizon.  Seeing the Rock 'N Ribs event from 100 feet above was a big hit on the jumbo-screen!

Congratulations to all the students for their efforts!

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