Myths of Distance Learning

MYTH: Distance Classes are easier than regular classes
FACT: Distance Classes on average contain more work than a regular class.

MYTH: Distance Learning classes are for everyone.
FACT: Depending on your Learning Style & study habits, Distance Learning may not be a good fit for you.

MYTH: I won't have any communication with my instructor
FACT: Instructors may actually have more communication with you as a distance student than with their non-distance students.

MYTH: Distance courses are self-paced. I can do all the work the last week of the semester and still pass.
FACT: First, not all distance courses are self-paced. Second, a quarter's worth of work cannot be done in a week and certainly not done well.

MYTH: I need to be some sort of super techie geek to take distance classes.
FACT: Most forms of distance classes require little to no special skills other than being able to e-mail or web browse. Your distance course orientation/1st day of class will let you know of any special skills needed to succeed in your class.


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