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Core Learning Outcome

Computer Literacy

To be computer literate, graduates of the College will know basic information technology concepts and will be able to use a computer to manage files, perform word processing, and use the Internet and e-mail.

NOTE: In 2009, the College began a major revision of the Computer Literacy learning outcome (see below). 


Measurable Objectives

Upon graduating, North Central State College students should be proficient in the following:

  • Manage computer operations
  • Manage file storage
  • Prepare simple documents and other business communications
  • Access and navigate the Internet
  • Search for information and resources
  • Use e-mail to communicate within and across organizations
  • Use e-mail to share files and documents
Assessment Plans
  • Computer literacy will be assessed via a First Advantage computer-based standardized test benchmarked against the Computer Literacy Competency Rubric. 
    • The test will be administered to a representative sample of students approaching graduation every third year. 
    • "Passing"  is established at 85% for average scores in the areas of internet, e-mail and Word.
  • Administer CCSSE survey every third year and capture computer literacy assessment from the data.
Assessment Results

2008 CCSSE Report

2009 Report

2008/2011 CCSSE Report


Outcome Revision
  • The Computer Literacy outcome will be replaced by an Information Literacy outcome, schedule to be determined and coordinated with Q2S conversion.
  • Information Literacy was defined as a student's ability to locate, evaluate, and use electronic and print materials to meet a particular information need in an ethical and legal manner.
  • The Information Literacy Rubric, released Winter 2011, is based on the Association of College & Research Libraries Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.




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