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Core Learning Outcome


Computation Proficiency is the ability to perform mathematical computations found in life situations.

NOTE: In 2012, the College began a major revision of the Computer Literacy learning outcome (see below). 


Measurable Objectives

Upon graduation, North Central State College students will be able to:

  • Recognize and analyze math situations.
  • Solve problems using basic mathematical and algebraic computations.
Assessment Plans

The Computation Assessment test is a twenty-five question multiple choice test developed by the Math Department in collaboration with the Physics Department. The threshold for success, set by the Assessment Committee based on the 2009 and 2010 pilot test results, is that 80% of those taking the test will receive a score of 160 points or higher (out of 250 points).   The final version of the test was administered to volunteer academic departments during Spring Quarter 2011.  A complete report of scores by department is available by e-mailing the Math Department Chair.


Assessment Results

2008 CCSSE Report

2011 Computation Assessment Results

2008/2011 CCSSE Report


Outcome Revision
  • The college raised the minimum math requirement to a college-level math course to be incorporated in the new semester curricula beginning Fall 2012.  The new CLO definition recognizes that change while allowing the various disciplines/degrees to determine where and how the outcome will be attained and assessed.
  • New definition: Computation Proficiency is the ability to perform the college-level mathematical computations found within the student’s chosen academic discipline or degree.  Upon graduation, North Central State College students will be able to recognize, analyze, and solve math problems.







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Last Update: April 17, 2012