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Schedule for Q2S Curriculum Conversion

Curriculum Worksheets, Bridge Courses, &

Remaining Programs



Criminal Justice (Curriculum Worksheet) May 13

Accounting (Curriculum Worksheet) (Bill Miller - 2:00 p.m.) May 13

Accounting (1 Bridge Course) (Bill Miller - 2:00 pm) May 13

Business Administration (Curriculum Worksheet) (Bill Miller - 2:00 p.m.) May 13

CIS (2 Bridge Courses) (Lenny Eaken) May 13

Electronic Engineering (Curriculum Worksheet) May 13

Industrial Technology: Engineering Design (Curriculum Worksheet) May 13

Engineering Technology May 13

Mechanical Engineering Technology (Curriculum Worksheet) May 13

Industrial Technology: Manufacturing Technology May 13

Early Childhood Education (Curriculum Worksheet) May 13

ECE (3-4 Bridge Courses) (T.Brannum) May 13




Math (6 bridge courses) (John Falls)(2:00 pm) May 20

BUSM1110 - Business Law (Semester Course) (G.Timberlake) May 20

Associate of Arts (Curriculum Worksheet)(G.Timberlake) May 20

Associate of Science (Curriculum Worksheet)(G.Timberlake) May 20

Humanities (2 Bridge Courses) (J.Nauman)(2:30 PM) May 20

Psych (2 Bridge Courses) (J.Nauman)(2:30 PM) May 20

History (2 bridge courses) (J.Nauman)(2:30 PM) May 20

Bioscience (changes to quarter program) (J.Hull @ 3:00 pm) (13 courses) May 20

Surgery Tech Program (new program) (J.Hull @ 4:00 pm) (4 courses) May 20

Pharmacy Tech Program (new program) (J.Hull @ 4:20 pm) (2 courses) May 20




Fall Quarter 2011 All Courses Submitted to the OBR for Review

(As soon as courses and programs are approved by NCSC Curriculum Committee, they will be

incrementally submitted for OBR review.) Fall 2012 Launch Semester System.