Assessment of Student Learning Committee

Assessment Committee Goals for 2011-12

Core Learning Outcomes (CLO) assessment:

·         Pilot test the Intercultural Knowledge/Competence CLO definition and rubric

·         Pilot test the Information Literacy CLO definition and rubric

·         Plan for making Intercultural Knowledge/Competence CLO and Information Literacy CLO official in course syllabi and College Catalog

·         Pilot test Critical Thinking CLO definition and rubric, tie in with Critical Thinking strategic initiative

·         Re-define Computation CLO

·         Evaluate and communicate data from CLO pilots

·         Capture CLO assessment data from 2011 CCSSE

Program level learning outcomes assessment:

·         Keep current with Program Assessment Reports on the Student Success Plan

·         Pilot test the Program Assessment Report (PAR) and Course Assessment Report templates and procedures

·         Assist with development of PARs for AA/AS degree

·         Evaluate Program Assessment Reports – both the template and quality of the reports

Long-Term Goals:

·         Improve the use of technology in capturing assessment data – particularly for capturing final exam grades for Computation CLO


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