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Assessment of Student Learning at NC State

Core Learning Outcomes Assessment Schedule

Conversion to Newly Defined Core Learning Outcomes May 2012


Learning Outcomes Assessment Tools

Writing Across the Curriculum

  • WAC Rubric     WAC Training Rubric     WAC Reporting Spreadsheet     WAC Project Document
  • Speech Across the Curriculum

    Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum
    Information Literacy Across the Curriculum
    Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

    Program Assessment Reporting            

    Note:  Program Assessment Reports (previously known as 5-Column Reports) and Core Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports are posted on NC State's Student Success Plan.

    Learning Outcomes Resources

    For writing learning outcomes:

    o   University of Central Florida’s guidelines for writing student learning outcomes that are SMART and MATURE

    o   More on Bloom’s Taxonomy including why and how to use it

    o   ThinkWell- LearnWell  ™ diagram with learning goals, outcomes and thinking skills

    For assessing learning outcomes:

    o   The State University of New York rubrics:  SUNY Critical Thinking Rubric  Description: Adobe logo   SUNY Writing Rubric  Description: Adobe Reader LogoSUNY Math Rubric  Description: Adobe logo 

    oooooo   The Association of American Colleges and Universities Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project

    o   NC State examples of CLO assessments for master and student syllabi

    Other Documents


    Assessment Committee Goals for 2011-12

    Core Learning Outcomes (CLO) assessment:

    ·         Pilot test the Intercultural Knowledge/Competence CLO definition and rubric

    ·         Pilot test the Information Literacy CLO definition and rubric

    ·         Plan for making Intercultural Knowledge/Competence CLO and Information Literacy CLO official in course syllabi and College Catalog

    ·         Pilot test Critical Thinking CLO definition and rubric, tie in with Critical Thinking strategic initiative

    ·         Re-define Computation CLO

    ·         Evaluate and communicate data from CLO pilots

    ·         Capture CLO assessment data from 2011 CCSSE

    Program level learning outcomes assessment:

    ·         Keep current with Program Assessment Reports on the Student Success Plan

    ·         Pilot test the Program Assessment Report (PAR) and Course Assessment Report templates and procedures

    ·         Assist with development of PARs for AA/AS degree

    ·         Evaluate Program Assessment Reports – both the template and quality of the reports

    Long-Term Goals:

    ·         Improve the use of technology in capturing assessment data – particularly for capturing final exam grades for Computation CLO


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