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Cities, counties, and companies that maximize the value of their people increase customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Organizations that take a strategic approach to developing their human capital are more efficient, make far greater impact, and enjoy an upwardly mobile pipeline of talent that sets them apart from others. Employee development and retention are critical for maintaining continuity and success in your organization and allows you to focus on your core mission.

In order to stimulate and support economic development in Mansfield and increase the education level of those who live and work in the area, the Urban Higher Education Center of North Central State College will provide educational and customized training opportunities for business owners, city and county managers, and their employees, who may:

  • Take a single class or begin pursuing an educational degree
  • Engage in business and professional development training
  • Earn credits for continuing education
  • Obtain nationally-recognized certifications
  • Enjoy personal enrichment seminars

You are your own greatest asset, and investing in higher education increases your worth to an organization or business. North Central State is as committed to your success and skill development as you are, so the College’s Urban Center will continually introduce new community education classes on today’s hottest topics and trends.

Downtown Neighbors

As a service to our downtown business neighbors, the Urban Higher Education Center offers access to a state-of-the-art video conferencing classroom and meeting room.



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