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Powering the Journey seeks to raise $4.3 million to meet the needs of current and future North Central State College students.




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Annual Report


The Journey begins differently for every student. It continues as uniquely as it begins, with different twists, turns, and destinations. Along the way there are successes represented as the highest peaks, and challenges experienced as valleys to be overcome. Unfortunately, there are also off ramps which lead to delayed, even abandoned goals.

North Central State College strives to serve every student, no matter their destination, with meaningful support. The efforts of the North Central State College Foundation have provided resources to enhance that service for two decades.

As NC State approaches its 50th year of service to students, it seems fitting that the goals of the Powering the Journey campaign exemplify this support, redouble the Foundation’s commitment to meet changing student needs, and perhaps most importantly, positively affect the next generation of students toward successful arrival at their destinations.

Electronic Thoroughfares

Technology Upgrade Vital to College Transformation - $2,250,000

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The College is lagging in technology infrastructure and upgrades are needed to both hardware and software to achieve the learning outcomes in today’s high tech competitive world.


Direct impact for students, faculty and staff.


Indirect impact for infrastructure and technology upgrades in every building operated by NC State College.


When NC State was founded as the Mansfield School of Technology half a century ago, television and movies featured a future with teleportation devices that would beam us to remote locales. Today, we experience this reality using the Internet and satellite conferencing. Business people attend meetings with coworkers and clients in other states and countries, sometimes multiple times a day.

From cloud computing, to wireless campuses, to faster broadband, to smart classrooms, and mobile applications, technology provides access to the world, and the world access to our students. Our graduates work and interact with customers, patients, and coworkers across town and around the world. The businesses and institutions in this region need employees with increasingly detailed skills earned by training on current technologies. Global is becoming local and technology is shrinking our world.

All Roads Lead to Kehoe

Ralph Phillips Conference Center Project Phase 2 - $600,000

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Phase 1 of the Ralph Phillips Conference Center was completed in the Spring of 2014. These funds will complete Phase 2 of the renovation of the third floor of the Kehoe Center


Direct impact for students, faculty and staff.


Indirect impact for infrastructure and technology upgrades to the Ralph Phillips Conference Center.


North Central State College is one of the leading collaborators with business, industry, government entities, and agencies throughout north central Ohio. The institution hosts meetings on a daily basis, some of which bring stakeholders from around the state of Ohio. The Ralph Phillips Conference Center, named for the visionary civic leader and entrepreneur, has become a magnet, perhaps a beacon, for education, economic development, and collaboration between business, education, and government entities, as well as the backdrop for life affirming events. The conference center has hosted a number of different events, including: local high school students who celebrate their impending graduation attending their prom, businesses that have introduced new products at sales meetings and forged collaborations across the region with other like-minded leaders, while countless couples have begun their life journey together by sharing wedding receptions with family and friends.

Supporting the Journey

Endowed Support for North Central State Students - $700,000

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This endowment will fund scholarships for students, help continue the internship program begun in the summer of 2013, and explore ways to offer transitional enticements to early college students and international experience during their tenure with North Central State College.


Direct impact for students.


Indirect impact for students.


North Central State College provides tremendous value for students, providing high quality instruction, with tuition that is one of the most affordable in the state. But it is still a cost which exceeds the means of many students. Scholarships and grants are empowering, especially for economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students. This endowment is planned to help more students complete their goal of a college degree. Diverse students with differing needs head toward individualized destinations every semester. Some share their journey with another or a cohort of classmates following similar dreams. More than half rely on financial aid for assistance. Perhaps most importantly, the majority of NC State graduates remain in the region and use their skills, talent, and education to move our community forward.

The Road Less Traveled

Entrepreneur Program - $750,000

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The entrepreneurial training and resource center will provide a clear pathway and a helping hand to entrepreneurial students and community members. Guided by a community committee of entrepreneurs representing counties served by the College, the Kehoe Center-based program will expand the College's Entrepreneur Certificate Program and develop an entrepreneur network as well as a "storefront" for the promotion and sale of entrepreneurial products and services.


Direct impact for students and community.


Indirect impact for infrastructure and technology upgrades to the Ralph Phillips Conference Center.


If small business is the engine driving the economy, what is the fuel? Entrepreneurship is the ability to share a dream with others and implore them to join you on the journey. The unknowns ahead can be daunting. At North Central State, the Entrepreneurship Academy has already helped prepare more than a dozen entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with confidence.


Supporting the Journey

Whether students choose to venture through life on highways or quiet pathways, there is commonality. Each road leads somewhere, and every student will lead in some way. At times, the destination is clear. Other times, it changes as the journey continues. Education is the gateway that allows students to formulate and follow their dreams. North Central State College helps students pursue an education which opens doors to new horizons. We help them recognize their goals and strive to reach them. You provide the power to help make it happen for this generation and the next. We’re committed to Powering the Journey for our students – and the power begins with you!




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