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Don't Just Get Your Degree, Get Involved

Megan Meyer at National Society of Leadership and Success awards.

Megan Meyer knew coming to North Central State College would change her life.  What she didn’t realize was that her service project as a student would help her to change hundreds of lives.

Meyer is a business administration management major at NC State College.  When she first started attending the college, she did not think she wanted to get involved in extra projects.  She just wanted to focus on her studies and get her associate degree.

When she first received a letter to become a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success, or Sigma Alpha Pi, she tossed it to the side and ignored the invitation.  However, she eventually decided to get involved so that she could gain the full student experience.

She says, “I would strongly suggest getting involved.  I hesitated before.  I underestimated the college until I got involved.  I was then able to see how much North Central State College had to offer.”  Meyer continues, “I learned what it does to your life when you get involved.  Don’t just be that person that goes to class, walks out and goes home and that is it.  Get involved because that is where you take so much more away from the college experience.”

As a part of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Megan was tasked with devising a service project to help those in need.  She joined the Sole Hope Foundation through the Young Living Foundation.  The Sole Hope Project is an organization that makes shoes to help children in Africa.  There are several thousand children in Uganda who have never put on a shoe of any kind, which allows jiggers, a flea-like parasite, to burrow into their feet. This group aims to combat the problem.

Meyer knew this was the organization she wanted to help.  She explains why: “I chose the Sole Hope project to focus my attention on because it was gut-wrenching.  I realized what happens to these children.  I knew I had to get involved and give back.”

Meyer went to several thrift stores and bought jeans to use. She also asked for donations across campus. Groups gathered at North Central State College to cut patterns out of the jeans.  Meyer then organized the patterns and sent them to Uganda to be made for the children.

The project was also a way for students in the National Society of Leadership and Success to get the service hours they needed and to give back to the world.  The group was able to make more than 100 shoes for the children.  “I did not think I would ever reach that goal.  I did not think I would get enough donated, but our community at North Central State College gave back.  It was amazing!”

Megan is graduating in Spring 2017 with her associate degree in business administration management.  She plans to continue to help projects like Sole Hope, and she is grateful for her time at North Central State College and the opportunities it has presented.




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