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Kyle Pauley at the Kehoe Center


A College Tailored To Your Needs

Kyle Pauley is more than a salesman.  He is a professional who knows his customers and clearly understands their needs.  It is one of the many skills he learned while attending business classes at North Central State College.

Pauley is a graduate of NC State College, where he obtained his associate’s degree in Business Administration.  He says that is where he gained the skills he needed to prepare him for his future profession, “North Central State College taught me how to gain customers’ attention.” He continues, “With NC State College, we had speech classes and worked in groups.  It allowed me to communicate better, focus on all of the ideas and bring them together to have one end goal.”

The one-on-one attention gave Pauley the extra boost he needed to focus on his studies.  “At North Central, everything is tailored to your needs and your pace.  If you are having issues with something you can work one-on-one with that teacher or a tutor in the tutoring lab.  They are able to give you a more focused one-on-one experience.  You can get the help you need, and you can work at your own pace.”

Pauley is grateful for the convenient location of North Central State College, only a few miles from his hometown of Lexington.  “The hours are flexible, and the location was even better because it is in my hometown.” 

After attending North Central State College, he was able to transfer all of his credits to Franklin University.  “NC State College and Franklin are great at migrating together.  I was able to transfer 100% of my classes.”

Pauley earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from Franklin University in 2016.

In his sales position at MT Business Technologies in Mansfield, Pauley puts those skills he learned in the classroom to work every day.   MT Business Technologies provides document management services, from software solutions to printing devices, in 51 counties in Ohio and Michigan.  He works alongside municipalities, engineers, surveyors and even architects through his work selling machines with the ability to print larger documents than standard paper, such as blueprints.

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