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Jordan Detillion portrait - I am NC State

I Am NC State

For Jordan Detillion, attending North Central State College is a family affair, “My mom, dad, brother and stepmom came to NC State College.  I come from a long line of nurses.”  

She has already accomplished a great deal; she began preparing for her future career in nursing when she was a teenager.   She graduated from Pioneer Career and Technical Center in Shelby where she obtained her State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) license when she was 17-years-old. 

Jordan has taken advantage of the numerous scholarships North Central State College has to offer, as well as financial aid.  She was awarded six different scholarships throughout her college career.

Jordan praises the faculty at North Central State College for opening up so many opportunities, “The program at NC State College is great.  The teachers are always willing to help out with anything.  The curriculum is very extensive, but it is easy to follow and extremely rewarding.”

One hundred percent of NC State nursing graduates become employed following commencement.  In fact, many nursing grads have the opportunity to become employed even before they graduate.  That is one of the many reasons that attracted Jordan to the Mansfield campus, “many business and organizations hiring around this area are looking at North Central State College graduates.  I think NC State College is one of the top schools in Ohio for nursing.”

Clinical nursing time is essential for the success of nurses and patient care, and Jordan is grateful for the extensive time she is given for her clinical experience.  Clinicals allows students to go to a nursing unit and perform tasks for patients they have learned in class.

Jordan’s five-year plan is one that she is determined to accomplish no matter what obstacles may come her way.  She will graduate from North Central State College soon, and she plans to continue her education by obtaining her bachelor's degree in Nursing.  She says she is working towards becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse.  Also, she will not stop there.  Jordan says, “In five years I am hoping to have a master’s degree in nursing.  I would like to be a nurse practitioner one day and be able to help people across the world.”

Her ultimate goal is to become a travel nurse.   A travel nurse is hired to work in a specific location for a limited amount of time.  They typically work 13 week periods in one area and move around the country depending on where they are needed.

Jordan is currently working as an STNA and will graduate with her associate degree in nursing in May.



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