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PNUR 2030 - Advanced Concepts Practical Nursing II 7 Credits; 4 Lecture Hours This course is a continuation of content begun in PNUR1010, PNUR1030, and PNUR2010. Content is designed to prepare a student to care for individuals of all ages. Emphasis is placed upon content relating to interferences with meeting basic human needs of safety and protection, nutrition and elimination, sexuality, and oxygenation throughout the life cycle. Focus will be upon utilization of the nursing process. Content includes presentation and study of drug categories that are related to common health problems. The role of the practical nurse in drug administration is emphasized. Principles of therapeutic nutrition are integrated. The clinical component of the course includes caring for patients in a long-term care facility and experience with gynecological and obstetrical patients. A capstone preceptorship experience at the end of the semester. Required Prerequisite(s): Take PNUR-2010, BIOL-1550, BIOL-1101 Required Concurrent Course(s): Take PNUR-2030C Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent: Take PNUR-2050, ENGL-1010 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
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