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EMMT 2500 - Industrial Networks 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This class will introduce students to various types of networking systems used in industry today. Emphasis will be placed on DeviceNet, ControlNet, Data Highway, and Ethernet with hands on labs and troubleshooting. Students will assemble and test a ControlNet cable segment, practice the configuration and troubleshooting of a ControlNet network by a workstation located at any node using the RS Networx software. In addition to learning some of the background concepts and specifications of DeviceNet the participant will identify physical media and devices, connect and commission different devices to the network and learn how to determine if the DeviceNet network is functioning properly. Troubleshooting will involve the use of RSNetworx, interpretation of scanner diagnostics codes and module status indicators, the application of networking concepts and the use of the DeviceNet Troubleshooting Guide.Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent: Take EMMT-2250 Availability | Similar | Syllabus
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