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CRMJ 2240 - Police Skills II 4 Credits; 2 Lecture Hours; 6 Lab Hours This course is presented to the student in three parts. Part one of this course meets OPOTC requirements for traffic enforcement technologies and SFST certification. This course also examines the fundamental concepts of traffic accident investigation; protection of the scene, recording of information, collection of evidence, and the analysis of traffic accidents. Part two of this course introduces the student to the knowledge and skills required for OPOTC requirements of defensive driving, pursuit driving, and stops and approaches. Part three of this course meets OPOTC requirements for the needs, purpose and importance of physical conditioning. All practical exercises related to certification are graded as P/NP. Students must pass all certification exams and practical exercises to successfully pass this course. This is course 4 of 5 to meet CTAG articulation# CTBPOAvailability | Similar | Syllabus
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