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BUSM 2210 - Strategic Business Start-Up 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course is designed as a hands-on and problem-based course. Students shall take an existing business plan (e.g. an outcome of BUS 226 or a personally-produced business plan for a business start-up) through an entrepreneurial critical-thinking process in a collaborative environment of analysis and constructive criticism. The student will input the result of this collaborative process into state-of-the-art, step-by-step business plan software designed to guide and model a 'bankable' presentation quality document. This course sequence as well as the student's ownership of the software tool is designed to provide the foundation for an ongoing continuous-improvement process that allows the entrepreneur to modify the business plan with a changing economy.Required Prerequisite(s): Take READ-0080 or COMPASS reading score of 80 or ACT reading score of 18. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
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