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ARTS 1010 - Drawing I 3 Credits; 2 Lecture Hours; 2 Lab Hours This course presents drawing concepts that can serve as a foundation for drawing itself and benefit other visual arts disciplines. The basic fundamentals of drawing, line form, gesture, and spatial illusion, perspective, composition, and use of light & shadow to describe space and volume. Studio practice will emphasize observational drawing to provide concrete and measurable examples of pictorial space. (TAG# OAH001)Availability | Similar | Syllabus
ARTS 1030 - Art Appreciation 3 Credits; 3 Lecture Hours This course is designed to introduce students to the magnificent works of art created in the western world during the last thirty thousand years. They will learn to analyze a work of art in terms of the appropriate formal elements and to understand the religious, political, social and aesthetic influences that helped to shape it and to give it meaning. This will allow them to recognize the stylistic differences which mark the art of a specific time and place. As students acquire a background of appreciation for the painting, sculpture and architecture of the past, they will develop the ability to understand and appreciate the art they will encounter throughout their lives. A field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art will help to make this transition from the classroom to the real world. Availability | Similar | Syllabus
ARTS 1070 - Digital Photography 3 Credits; 2 Lecture Hours; 2 Lab Hours This hands-on course presents an introduction to the design issues, historical and contemporary approaches, of digital photography as they are applied to print, web, and video production. This course will provide theory and practical aspects of the parts of the camera as well as taking well-composed photographs that visually communicate a message. Other elements such as exposure, lighting, portraiture, print tonal qualities, and style will be introduced. Students must provide a digital camera with manual focus/aperture/shutter capability preferred. (TAG# OAH002)Availability | Similar | Syllabus
ARTS 1770 - Digital Photography II 3 Credits; 2 Lecture Hours; 3 Lab Hours This hands on course builds on the principles learned in ARTS1070 Digital Photography and applies the retouching and color correction principles learned in VCMT1050 Imaging I. Students will develop their skills in different kinds of lighting including the use of natural lighting, continuous lighting, speed lights, and strobe lights for products and portraiture. Posing, working with subjects and equipment, planning for photo sessions, and working with clients will be covered. Post processing of photos will be addressed using Adobe Lightroom. Organizing, customizing, retouching, controlling color, using special effects and ordering prints will be covered. Students will be required to build a photography portfolio of prints from a photo processing lab. Many out-of-class photography projects will be assigned, some of which will require recruiting models and time outside class in the Kehoe photo studio. A digital SLR camera is required.Required Prerequisite(s): Take ARTS-1070 and VCMT-1050 with a minimum grade C- Availability | Similar | Syllabus
ARTS 1999 - Arts Elective 1 Lecture Hours This course is used for transfer purposes only. may be used more than once.Availability | Similar | Syllabus
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