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Faculty Qualifications

The North Central Association of Colleges and Universities and the Higher Learning Commission*, the national accrediting body for North Central State College, provides guidance in determining qualified full time and adjunct faculty.

In general terms qualified faculty consist of “people who by formal education and tested experience know what students must learn.” Such faculties “create the curricular pathways through which students gain the competencies and skills they need.”

Faculty teaching in higher education should have completed a significant program of study in the discipline they will teach or develop curricula at least one level above that of courses being taught or developed. Those teaching general education courses (English, Math, Humanities, Speech, Social Sciences and Sciences) typically hold a master’s degree and should have completed substantial graduate course work in the discipline of those courses.

In some cases, such as a practice-oriented discipline or programs, tested experience in the field may be needed as much or more than formal education preparation. Tested experience implies that some objective measure ensures that the individual’s knowledge and expertise are sufficient for determining what students must learn.

These general guidelines and principles should be used for full time, adjunct, or temporary faculty. To this end North Central State College has set the following minimum standards for all faculties.

  1. Those teaching general education courses must have a master’s degree in the content area or 27 quarter/18 semester hours of master’s level credit in the content area.
  2. All others must have a degree one level above that of courses being taught or developed with tested experience showing certification or licensure within the content area.

The preferred standards would be that all full time faculty in general education courses have a master’s degree in the content area of the discipline or program and all other faculty have a master’s degree that will enhance what students must know.

North Central State College will require that all current faculties obtain the minimum standards by Fall Semester 2012 and prior to this date show a commitment of successful completion of graduate level courses in the content area of courses taught. Any new faculties who have not taught in the quarter prior to fall 2009 must meet these qualifications.



*Higher Learning Commission, 230 S. LaSalle St., Suite 7-500, Chicago IL, 60604 • 1-800-621-7440



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