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Institutional Effectiveness Indicators

North Central State College measures the effectiveness of its strategy development and execution through use of a “balanced scorecard”. This is a measurement system, strategic management system and a communication tool for the college. The scorecard contains approximately 25 performance indicators linked to  Ends Policies developed by the college Board of Trustees covering seven key areas of Board directives. It offers “balance” through providing several perspectives of strategy, including both leading (e.g., retention) and lagging (e.g., completion) indicators.

The scorecard helps the Board monitor college performance; key policy makes make informed decisions and communicate with the public; and internal college stakeholders to align their actions with the overall purposes of the Ends Policies.

This introductory scorecard, introduced in summer 2011, provides a “baseline” indicator measure, a goal for FY 2012, and “stop light” criteria to indicate how the college will rank the actual measure at the conclusion of FY 2012 according to a green, yellow or red light.

The scorecard is intended to provide a “high-level” view of whether the College is achieving the intentions of Board directives, which should reflect the combined effort of multiple Strategic Initiatives. The Board of Trustees and Planning Advisory Council annually recommend minor adjustments to the scorecard. Further, the PAC Council annually recommends new "stoplight" criteria.

Finally, each strategy group is encouraged to keep and monitor performance measures to help supplement the college-wide measures. For example, numerous additional measures linked to student success link back to the Developmental Education Initiative.



North Central State College Strategy Map

Balanced Scorecard Definitions

Baseline Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard 2012 Update



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