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Upon Arrival

Plan to arrive in the U.S. 20 to 30 days before classes begin. If you want to enter earlier than 30 days, you will have to get special permission from your local U.S. embassy.

Settle into Housing

The International Coordinator will show you to your temporary housing when you arrive. Take time to settle in and familiarize yourself with Mansfield and the surrounding area.

Mansfield and Richland County Information:

Ohio Information:

Meet with International Coordinator

International Students are required to meet with the International Coordinator within 3 days of their arrival.


International students must attend an orientation session before classes begin. Contact the International Coordinator to arrange a date for your orientation. You should take the orientation two to three weeks before classes begin.

Orientation includes:

  • Tour of the campus
  • Meeting with an Academic Advisor
  • How to get books
  • Tour of local shopping centers
  • Getting a bus pass
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) class availability
  • Who to contact if you have a problem

Assessment Tests

All first-time students are evaluated with assessments to determine which entry level classes are best for each student. Students with higher scores will take higher entry level classes and students with lower scores will take lower entry level classes. 

International students will be required to take the ACCUPLACER assessment. This assessment is used to determine which entry level classes in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics match the skills of the student. The Accuplacer is not an admissions requirement and is only used to determine appropriate entry level classes for each student. College credit may override Accuplacer placement.

Students who are taking computer related degrees must also take the Computer Literacy assessment. This assessment is not an admissions requirement and is only used to determine appropriate entry level classes for each student.

Students who are taking health related degrees must also take the ATI TEAS assessment. This assessment is not an admissions requirement and is used to determine who enters clinical classes first. Those who score high on the TEAS V will be allowed into clinicals before those who score low. Health degree students can still take the basics classes required for the degree, but they may have to wait to enter clinicals depending on the outcome of the TEAS V test.

Register for Classes

You must have a valid student username and password before registering for classes. Most students register for classes online using MyNC with help from an Academic Advisor. You may also contact the International Coordinator for help with registering classes.

You will receive a curriculum worksheet which details the classes necessary to complete your degree. You may sign up for your first semester of classes online using MyNC when registration is open. Use the curriculum worksheet to find the classes you need. Check the Academic Calendar for a listing of registration dates.

International students must take enough credit to be a full-time student. Twelve (12) credit hours are necessary to be considered a full-time student.

Pay for Classes

You must pay for your first semester of classes before the term begins. See the Cashier's Office Bill Payment page for acceptable payment types and payment dates. You cannot attend classes until payment is received.

International student tuition and fees are $333.20 per credit hour. A full-time international student taking 12 credit hours per semester would pay $3,998.40 per semester in tuition and fees. Two semesters of classes would cost about $7,996.80. Your actual costs will vary depending on how many credit hours your classes are worth. Books, housing and living expenses are not included in tuition and fees.

Financial Aid is not available for international students. International students cannot claim the in-state tuition rate regardless of how long they have been in the United States.

Buy Books

All books necessary for classes are available at the campus bookstore. You may also order books online if you have the correct ISBN number. ISBN numbers for books are listed under each class on MyNC.



International Coordinator

You may contact the International Coordinator with any questions you have about attending classes at North Central State College.

phone: 001-419-755-4824
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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