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International Coordinator


You may contact the International Coordinator with any questions you have about attending classes at North Central State College. The International Coordinator can help you with the application process and with finding local housing and transportation.



International Students

small town Atmosphere, world class Value






Experience the culture of a small mid-western U.S. town while taking classes that will transfer anywhere. We believe in the word "community" and we treat you that way. The stress level is low and so is our price.
3 Reasons to Choose NC State



Student covered with international flags

#1: World Class Value

North Central State College credit is accepted by many public and private colleges in Ohio and the United States. That means you can get the same basic classes you need for a 4 year degree while still enjoying the low tuition cost of a community college.

The Associate of Arts degree and the Associate of Science degree are particularly valuable because every class is guaranteed to be accepted by any other public college in Ohio. You could transfer to the Ohio State University with 2 years of credit without paying the big city prices!

Some Bachelor's degrees can be completed entirely on campus. The Ohio State University shares the campus with North Central State and regularly accepts our graduates. Miami university teaches classes using an interactive video link allowing NC State students to complete a 4 year engineering degree entirely on campus. Franklin University is offering a 3+1 Bachelor's degree in business where 3 years are completed on campus at NC State prices!

If you plan to get a Bachelor's degree and take your first two years of classes at North Central State, you will save a substantial amount of money. Why pay extra money at a 4 year school when you can get similar classes at a lower price?

#2: Small Town Atmosphere

As a small college we take pride in treating our students with extra personal service. We believe in the word "community" and we treat you that way.

The professors will get to know you by name, not a number. Most classes have a low student to teacher ratio, so you have a chance to get one on one answers to your questions.

Our International Coordinator and the Student Success Center will help you solve many problems you may face: English as a second language, culture differences, scheduling, class registration, tutoring, career counseling and personal counseling. We want to help you succeed, so we are always exploring new ways to make your college experience better.

One of the benefits of a small town is the lower cost of living. Living in Mansfield costs about 10% less than living in Columbus or Cleveland. That means the money you have set aside for college will last longer!

You can also expect a lower stress level while living in Mansfield. Who really wants to deal with long drive times and noisy living spaces? It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to cross town from any direction which makes getting to our main campus and local shopping easy. There are only a few major highways running through town, so it's very likely you will be able to rent an apartment or house in a quiet neighborhood.

There are a variety of recreational activities available in Mansfield and the surrounding counties. You can go snow skiing, hiking at a state park, or zip-lining through the trees. Attend a show at the local theatre or watch an indy car race at a national sports car course. Check with the local tourism website for more details.

Mansfield isn't the only metropolitan area nearby. Columbus and Cleveland are about a hour drive away which means you have a chance to visit a major American city as well. Attend a Cleveland Indians game, spend a day at Cedar Point, or go boating on Lake Erie.

#3: At a Good Price

Tuition and fees are $299.20 per credit hour. A full-time international student taking 12 credit hours per semester would only spend $7,180.80 a year for tuition and fees! We are well below the Ohio public college average of $17,815.00 per year. For two years of college you could easily save over $25,000.00!



We welcome all international students interested in attending classes at North Central State College. Your presence will help expand our horizons and enrich the experience of our entire student body.


Apply to the College

Applying to the college is the first step towards attending classes. North Central State College has an open enrollment policy, which means all students are considered for admission regardless of grade point average or class standing. You should complete an Application for Admission at least 90 days before classes begin.

To be accepted for admission, international students must also submit other required documents listed on this page. After reviewing your application form and related documents, we will mail you an acceptance letter detailing the next steps you should take.

International students who are accepted by the college will receive an I-20 document. The I-20 document is required to apply for a student visa. Students applying for an F1 student visa should contact the nearest United States embassy or consulate to start the visa process.

More details about obtaining a student visa are covered under Step 2: Applying for a Student Visa .

Choosing ESL or a Major

You must choose English as a Second Langauge (ESL) and/or a major area of study when you apply to the college. North Central State College has many Associate Degrees (majors) with the opportunity to transfer to complete a Bachelor's Degree with other universities.

Our campus is co-located with a branch of the Ohio State University.

If you are not sure which degree is right for you, contact the International Coordinator for assistance.

These pages may also be helpful in choosing a degree:


Required Documents for Admission

All documents must be certified copies of the originals or the originals. "Certified copies" are copies authorized or stamped as being true copies of the original by a person or agency recognized by the law of the person's home country. Certified English translations are required if your documents are not in English.

It is preferred that all documents be received by North Central State College no later than 90 days before the term you wish to attend. Applicants who do not complete the admissions requirements in time for their expected term of enrollment will be required to wait for the next term for admissions consideration.

*Documents must be mailed. Email/scanned copies will not be accepted.

  • Application for Admission
    Download and complete an Application for Admission. The application is free. Email the completed PDF to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may contact our International Coordinator for help with filling out the Application for Admission. 
  • Proof of High School Graduation*

      The successful completion of high school or equivalent is required.

  • Proof of Financial Ability*
    It is estimated that an international student will need a minimum of USD $19,058.00 per year for tuition, fees, books and living expenses while attending an academic program at North Central State College (based on Summer 2013-Spring 2014, subject to change). An official bank statement must be submitted to show evidence of financial ability to meet these anticipated expenses. The form Affidavit of Sponsor Providing Free Room and Board can be completed if support associated with the costs of living is available to the student. International students may work while in the United States, but it will not be considered a financial source. Financial aid is not available for international students and may not be used as a financial source.
  • Proof of English Proficiency*
      All instruction is in English so applicants must show they are capable of communicating in   English for entry into an academic program. Proof of proficiency in the English language may be demonstrated by one of the following:
  1.   Test of English as a Foreign Languages (TOEFL) scores of 500 or above (pbt), or 173 or above (cbt), or 61 or above (ibt)
  2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5.5 or above
  3. ACT English score of 13 or above
  4. GED writing skills score of 45 or above
  5. Graduation from a United States high school with an English final grade of C or above

If a student cannot meet the minimum requirement for academic entry based on the criteria listed above, or if the student chooses not to test as part of admission, the student may be offered acceptance into our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, with conditional acceptance into their academic program. Minimum ESL before testing is one year.

Possible testing following arrival:

COMPASS ESL - Students will be tested after they arrive if they choose not to TOEFL/IELTS test. This will determine the number of ESL classes required.

COMPASS - Students will complete this testing after they arrive to determine proficiency in reading, writing, and math. This assessment is used for academic placement as needed.

Computer Literacy Assessment - Students will complete this testing in windows and keyboarding for select programs as needed.

Email all documents to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (maximum of 2MB per email)

You may also mail documents to:

North Central State College
2441 Kenwood Circle
Mansfield, OH 44906
United States of America


Transferring from Another College

North Central State College accepts credit from domestic as well as foreign colleges and universities. You must submit an official transcript in English from your previous school to Student Records for evaluation. All foreign college transcripts will be evaluated by an outside evaluation service, such as the World Education Service, at the student's expense. Domestic college transcripts will be evaluated by the North Central State College Registrar at no charge.

Please contact Student Records or the International Coordinator for more details on transferring credit to North Central State College.

Transferring to Another College

Most of the classes at North Central State can be transferred to another college or university. If you transfer to another school, the receiving school makes the final decision on how North Central State classes will be credited towards a new degree.

Our campus is co-located with a branch of the Ohio State University. Ashland University and Mount Vernon Nazarene College are within 25 miles and also accept North Central State credit.

If you are planning to transfer to another school, contact the new school before your I-20 at North Central State expires. You will have to obtain a new I-20 from the new school before you can attend classes at the new school. It is recommended that you transfer your North Central State credit when you apply for the new I-20.

Please contact Student Records or the International Coordinator for more details on transferring credit to another college.


Step 2: Applying for a Student Visa




Only NC State employees have permission to post comments.