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Starting the Job




All staff members of North Central State College are hired contingent upon approval of the Board of Trustees. Staff members are not officially employed until their name and position have been submitted and approved by the Board. The Board allows for the hiring of personnel between its business meetings with approval being granted retroactive the first day of employment.


North Central State College provides an orientation to each newly hired staff member. During this orientation, staff members will review policies and procedures, and be asked to complete employment paperwork.


North Central State College may require a newly hired staff member to serve an initial 90-calendar day Orientation Period upon appointment to a position. During this period the individualís overall performance and capabilities will be evaluated relative to continuing employment in that position every 30 days. If the College determines the staff memberís overall performance and capabilities cannot be evaluated within the Orientation Period, the period can be extended by the Office of Human Resources to allow sufficient time for the evaluation. The completion of the Orientation Period does not guarantee continued employment. North Central State College or the staff member may end the employment relationship at-will during or after the Orientation Period.


Parking tags are available to current, eligible staff at the North Central State College's Human Resource Office. There is no cost for parking in the non-restricted or restricted parking areas.  Parking regulations on campus are enforced and should be followed by the entire campus community.







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