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Staff Member's Benefits




Insurance plans offered by North Central State College to eligible staff members include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability insurance.

Health Insurance

Medical, dental, and vision insurance plans are available to both full-time and regular part-time staff members. A prescription plan is included with the medical insurance. North Central State College contributes a portion of the premium for the staff member and for eligible dependents. Staff members should contact the Office of Human Resources for the Summary Plan Description of the benefits and information on eligibility, cost of coverage, premium contributions, and additional information. All provisions of the health care insurance plans (medical, dental, and vision) are subject to change, including plans offered, services covered, and North Central State Collegeís contribution to premiums.

Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits are provided by North Central State College for eligible, full-time staff members and limited life insurance benefits for regular, part-time staff members. Additional life insurance coverage may also be purchased. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance is provided as part of the basic life insurance for full-time staff members. For additional life insurance information, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Long-term Disability Insurance

North Central State College provides a long-term disability benefit plan to assist eligible, full-time staff members to cope with an illness or injury that results in a long-term absence from employment. Long-term disability is designed to ensure a continuing income for staff members who are unable to work. For details of the long-term disability benefit plan including amounts, limitations, and restrictions, contact the Office of Human Resources for a Summary Plan Description.

Professional Liability Insurance

North Central State College provides full-time and regular part-time staff members professional liability insurance. Limit of liability is one million dollars. For more information regarding this insurance, please contact the Office of Human Resources.



According to federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985, staff members and their eligible dependents may have the opportunity to continue coverage at the staff memberís expense under North Central State Collegeís health insurance program for a limited period of time when normal coverage terminates due to a qualifying event.

North Central State College provides COBRA information to each eligible staff member when the staff member and/or their eligible dependent become eligible for continuation of coverage. Contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information including eligibility requirements.



Flexible Spending Accounts enable staff members to use pre-tax dollars to pay for dependent care and medical expenses.  There are two types of Flexible Spending Accounts, health care or dependent care.Eligible, full-time staff members determine an amount at the time of enrollment that is withheld from their pay prior to calculation of taxes, therefore, lowering their taxable income. Staff members submit receipts for reimbursement for payments they have made for dependent care and/or medical expenses and will receive a refund for an amount equal to their receipts. Any monies remaining in the staff membersí Flexible Spending Account(s) for which they have not incurred medical or dependent care expenses are non-refundable. For additional information, contact the Office of Human Resources.



School Employees Retirement System (SERS)

North Central State College and staff members are required to participate in the School Employees Retirement System. North Central State College contributes 14% of all salary into staff memberís retirement. Each staff member is required to contribute 9% (10% effective July 1, 2003) of earnings to their retirement. Ohio public institutions including North Central State College do not participate in the Federal Social Security System other than contributions to a fund supporting Medicare of 1.45% from both the staff memberís salary and North Central State College.

School Employeesí Retirement System is a defined benefit plan. Staff members and North Central State College contribute to the benefit. This benefit is determined by a mathematical formula established by law and is guaranteed. All staff members of North Central State College are eligible to participate in this retirement plan.

Alternative Retirement Plan

Alternative Retirement Plan is a defined contribution plan that is available to designated staff members. Staff members and North Central State College makes contributions in the amount of 9%  (10% effective July 1, 2003) and 14% respectively. The staff member chooses how to invest contributions. The benefit is determined by the amount of your account balance and the payment option you choose.

Tax Deferred Annuity Programs

Eligible staff members may purchase tax deferred annuities with qualified companies by means of payroll deduction. This allows staff members to plan for their retirement and defer taxes on their current income. Details of plans are available from plan representatives at the beginning of each school year. A list of companies and their representatives are available from the Office of Human Resources. For additional information regarding retirement, please contact the Office of Human Resources.



Tuition Reimbursement

North Central State College offers a Tuition Reimbursement Plan to eligible, full-time staff members.  Course work taken at an accredited college or university must have a clear, close relationship to employment at North Central State College. Reimbursement will be granted at the end of the fiscal year to all eligible applicants.  The percentage of these fees to be paid will be determined by the total number of reimbursable dollars divided into the total budgeted dollars.  In no case, however, will an employee receive more than 100% of eligible fees.

Tuition Remission

North Central State College offers Tuition Remission to eligible, full-time staff members and their eligible dependents for credit/non-credit courses taken at North Central State College. North Central State College will pay instructional, contact hours, and general fees. All other fees including lab fees and books are expenses incurred by the staff member and their dependent(s). Any staff member or dependent enrolled in a credit/non-credit course will be given the same enrollment consideration as other students of North Central State College. Contact the  Human Resources Office to obtain appropriate paperwork to apply for tuition remission.

Regular, part-time staff members who are eligible may take one credit course per quarter, as long as they continue employment at North Central State College. Part-time staff members who are eligible may also take non-credit courses. 



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