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Absences From Work




North Central State College provides paid vacation to full-time staff members. Vacation is accrued beginning with the staff member's first full month of employment and may be used immediately upon accumulation. Staff members supervisors or managers will schedule vacation with consideration given to staffing requirements, length of service, and staff members preferences. The vacation accrual rate for full-time staff members is based on length of employment as follows:

Classification Years of Employment Annual Accrual 
Non-Exempt Staff 1 to 5 years
6 to 10 years
11 or more years
10 days
15 days
20 days
Exempt Staff Date of hire to succeeding years 20 days
President's Staff Date of hire to succeeding years 24 days

A maximum of 30 days may be accumulated.

Any accrued but unused vacation leave will be paid out to the staff member based on their rate of pay at termination of employment regardless of their length of full-time service.


Each full-time employee earns one-quarter (1 1/4) days of paid sick leave per month, or up to fifteen (15) days each calendar year.  Unused sick leave shall be accumulated up to two hundred ten (210) working days.  These days are to be used when necessary, primarily for an employee's own absence due to sickness or disability.


Notification of all absences due to sickness or disability shall be made by the employee on the "Request for Leave" to their immediate supervisor as early as possible.  Failure to give such notification may result in the days being charged to vacation or leave without salary.


Earned sick leave may also be used when illness in the family requires the employee's attendance, only until other arrangements can be made by the employee to care for the family member.  Absences of this nature will normally be brief, of one (1) or two (2) day's duration.  Verification of such illness by presentation of a physician's statement may be required.  Family member is defined as parent, spouse, or child (under the age of 18 or is 18 years of age or older and incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability.


Each full-time North Central State College employee with ten (10) consecutive years or more of full-time service with the College shall be entitled to payment based on the employee's rate of pay at retirement for thirty percent (30%) of the employee's accrued but unused sick leave at retirement as follows:


Notice of Retirement Maximum Sick Pay-Out
< 1 month 39 days
< 2 months 40 days
< 3 months 41 days
3 months 43 days
6 months 44 days
12 months 45 days



All personnel associated with North Central State College are encouraged to advance themselves through professional channels such as: advanced education; professional licensure and/or certification; and professional workshops, seminars, conventions, equipment shows, and conferences.

Decisions regarding attendance for the above items will be predicated upon: purpose, benefit to the staff members position in the College, budgetary considerations, and relevance of the sponsoring organizations to the College.

A Request for Leave form must be filled out and approved by the immediate supervisor in advance.


An employee shall be granted up to five (5) days bereavement leave for the death of a spouse or child; up to four (4) days for the death of a parent, parent-in-law, brother, sister or member of the same household and/or claimed as dependents for IRS purpose; up to two (2) days for the death of a grandparent, grandchild, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, uncle, aunt, niece, or nephew and spouse's relatives (grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, niece and nephew).



At times, situations not directly relating to an employee's physical health arise which require absence from the College.  A leave for such reasons may be granted by the employee's immediate supervisor.


Full-time employees who have been employed for at least 90 days may utilize up to 16 hours personal leave in any fiscal year for matters of a personal nature.  No compensation for unused days will be provided upon termination of employment, nor will these days accumulate.



(a) Hired between 7/1/XX and 11/30/XX                   16 hours

(b) Hired between 12/1/XX and 3/31/XX                     8 hours

(c) Hired between 4/1/XX and 6/30/XX                        0 hours


Further information on Personal Leave, such as reasons for personal leave usage, can be found in the Office of Human Resources.


Staff members who are subpoenaed to serve on a jury or as a witness for another person will be granted excused absence from work. No deduction of pay or benefits will be made for such services. If a staff member receives any monies for court service while they would normally be working, the staff member will return monies in return for regular pay.  See Absence Due to Court Service Policy available in the Office of Human Resources for further clarification.


North Central State College provides military leave benefits to staff members in accordance with state and federal legislation. Full-time staff members, who are members of the Ohio National Guard or any other reserve components of the United States Armed Forces, are entitled to leave of absence for a period or periods not to exceed 31 days per calendar year in order to enter field training or active duty. The staff member may elect to use vacation or leave of absence for military leave. Staff members are required to submit to their immediate supervisor military orders or other statement in writing from the appropriated military authority as evidence of duty and income, which will be or was earned.

Staff members who are members of the Ohio National Guard shall be granted emergency leave for mob, riot, flood, civil defense, or other such duties when so ordered by the Governor to assist civil authorities. For further information on Military Leave, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


Staff members of North Central State College are not required to work on the following paid holidays:

New Years Day

 Dec. 30, 2016 to Jan. 2, 2017

College closed 12/21/16-1/3/17

Martin Luther King's Birthday 3rd Monday in January
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4th
Labor Day 1st Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November


Staff members with at least three years of continuous employment at North Central State College may apply for an extended leave of absence without compensation. Staff members requesting an extended leave of absence must complete and submit a Request for Extended Leave of Absence form and a written statement as to the purposes of the leave to their supervisor. Appropriate Senior Administrative Officer and the President must approve requests prior to the start of leave. 


Staff members of the College are covered by the unemployment compensation program, under the Ohio Bureau of Job and Family Services, for weekly unemployment benefits as provided by Ohio law. As a nonprofit employer, the College reimburses the unemployment fund for all claims attributable to the College.


The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires employers to provide up to 12 workweeks ( 480 hours) of unpaid leave to eligible staff members for specific reasons. Eligible staff members must use accrued paid leave such as vacation, sick, and personal leave before going on unpaid Family Medical Leave. However, the leave counts towards the staff members Family Medical Leave entitlement.  For information on Family Medical Leave, please contact the Office of Human Resources.






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