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What is WebAdvisor? How do I access it?

Web Advisor is the area on the College website where employees can view pay advices, leave balances, W-2’s, etc.

To access WebAdvisor:

  1. Go to www.ncstatecollege.edu
  2. Click on "Faculty & Staff" and then select "MyNC
  3. Log in

    Username - First initial of your first name and entire last name (lower case). For example: Jessica Monroe’s user name would be jmonroe.*

    * Some may have a slightly different username due to duplicate usernames in the system. The second username will be signified with a 2 at the end. For example if there are two Jessica Monroe’s in the system, the second one will be jmonroe2. Contact the IT Service Desk if your username is not working.

    Synchronized Password

    For all new employees, including adjunct your initial password will be set to:

  4. First two letters of your first name (capitalized)
  5. Followed by the last four of your social security number
  6. Followed by the first two letters of your last name (lower case).
  7. For example: The password for Jessica Ann Monroe would be:JE1234mo. We strongly suggest you change your password as soon as possible through the My Password program for your security.

For more help with logging in go to https://www.ncstatecollege.edu/cms/technical-help/mync-help.html


  1. Click on "Employees"

How are vacations, sick days, and personal days accumulated?

(Full-time only)

Sick days accumulate at a rate of 1¼ days per month from first day of employment to a maximum of 210 days.

Vacation is granted as follows and accrues each pay period from the first day of employment:


Time between terms


24 days per year


20 days per year


10 days per year
15 days after 5 years
20 days after 10 years

Full-time staff who have been employed for at least 90 days may utilize up to 16 hours personal leave in any fiscal year for matters of a personal nature. No compensation for unused days will be provided upon termination of employment, nor will these days accumulate.

Personal days will be prorated based upon hire date as follows:

Hired between 7/1/XX and 11/30/XX

16 Hours

Hired between 12/1/XX and 3/15/XX

8 Hours

Hired between 3/16/XX and 6/30/XX

0 Hours

Where do you go on-line to find Policies and Procedures?


Holiday Schedule


January 1st
(plus one additional day)

New Year’s Day

Third Monday in January

Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Last Monday in May

Memorial Day

July 4th

Independence Day

First Monday in September

Labor Day

Fourth Wed./Thurs./Fri. in November


December 25th
(plus one additional day)


Veteran’s Day – FACULTY ONLY

See Academic Calendar

Columbus Day – FACULTY ONLY

See Academic Calendar

Pay Dates


Where can I find out information about employee benefits?


How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Contact the Human Resources office for a direct deposit form.

Who do I notify if my address changes?

Contact the Human Resources office for a change of address form.

How do I sign up for tuition remission or tuition reimbursement?

Contact the Human Resources office for remission and reimbursement enrollment forms.

When are contracts issued?

Annual contracts for full-time faculty and exempt staff are issued July 1. PT Employment Agreements for adjunct faculty and Overload Agreements for full-time faculty teaching overload are issued approximately one month after the semester begins. All contracts should be signed and returned to the Human Resources office. A copy will be returned to employees once the President and Vice-President sign them.

When can I use sick and vacation time? Where do I get the form?

Sick and vacation time can be used according to College policy:
or the NCSFA-AAUP Contract:

The form can be accessed at: F:\ncstate.doc\FORMS\Human Resource\Leave Form

What is a Flexible Spending plan?

(Full-time only)

Flexible Spending is a benefit that permits employees to set aside a certain amount of each paycheck into an account before paying income taxes. Then, during the year, employees can use these funds to pay for qualified expenses with untaxed dollars. Enrollment in the Flexible Spending plan is available each November and is effective January 1 to December 31.


Do we have an Employee Assistance program?

(Full-time only)

Yes, our EAP is administered by New Directions Counseling. All full-time employees are eligible for 3 counseling sessions annually at no cost to the employee and the sessions are completely confidential. Contact New Directions directly at 419-529-9941.


How do I utilize the Computer Purchase program?

(Full-time only)

You must be employed for one year to use this program. Please contact the IT help desk to enroll in this program. http://www.ncstatecollege.edu/cms/media/PDF/policies/16-57.pdf




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