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Emergency Procedures


Who makes decisions on college closings?

NCSC and OSU administrators determine when it is necessary to close the campus. Campus closings will be announced on every radio station in the surrounding counties.   

To access the participating radio stations, the link is:

For additional information, please type in Policies and Procedures in the Search Box and click on Policies and Procedure Online Manual.  Go to Procedure 16-711.


How do I report an emergency?

Call 9-1-1 from any campus phone to report an emergency. All campus telephones are connected to dedicated emergency telephones at the campus switchboards. Receptionists are trained to respond appropriately. Faculty should send a student to the Administrative Assistant’s office to inform them of any emergency.


What is the Fire Evacuation Procedure?

All staff and faculty members, except those assigned to fire control duties, are to evacuate the building immediately. Evacuation will be conducted in accordance with the procedure posted in each room.

Staff will assist in directing students to use the nearest fire-free exit as posted, and then leave with them. Assistance will be provided for handicapped persons. 

Staff and faculty members will remain outside at no less than 50 feet away from the building until instructed to re-enter. The building Fire Warden in charge will be responsible for assuring that all areas are completely evacuated and for informing staff if and when the building can be re-entered. It is important to remember in time of a fire and other emergency to have everyone leave the building by the quickest and safest route available.

DO NOT use the elevator in the event of a fire.


What is the tornado Alert Plan?

In a “tornado emergency,” seek shelter in the following locations. These designated areas are marked by “Tornado Shelter Area” signs or on the posted “Emergency Exit Plan”.

Bromfield Hall 
Library interior under tables away from windows, lower level hallways, and restrooms.

Campus Bookstore
Inside the bookstore, rooms 102, 106-T, 107-T, hallways leading from 101, 110, 107-T, 102, and 103-M can be used as shelter areas.

Child Development Center

  • Kitchen/Infant Room: Laundry area in kitchen.
  • Toddler/Preschool Rooms: Cot closets within each room.
  • Multi-Purpose Room: Restrooms within Multi-Purpose Room.
  • Administrative/Front Desk: Restrooms beside Front Desk.

Conard Learning Center
Mailroom, C 100-H, C 100-K.

Eisenhower Hall 
First floor restrooms, Coffee House area, kitchen area, lower stairwells.

Fallerius Technical Education Center
Basement (lower level area), interior classrooms on lower level floor.

Health Sciences Center

  • Exit from third floor if time permits; if not, the main hallway should be used as a tornado shelter. 
  • Second floor shelter areas: restrooms, hallways, and rooms 211, 215-A, 215-D, 225-C, 235-B, 245-A, 245-C. 
  • First floor shelter areas: hallways, restrooms, rooms 120, 122, 132-A, 144, 146, and stairway near 146.

Kee Hall
Go to restrooms & interior classrooms, 137, 138, 144, 125, 123 away from windows.

Kehoe Center for Advanced Learning
Interior rooms on ground floors.

Ovalwood Hall
Basement floor classroom, interior hallways, and restrooms.

Physical Activity Center
Leave the gymnasium area and go to the locker rooms, weight room, and restrooms.  


How do I report a work-related injury?

If immediate medical attention is needed, an ambulance may be called when the nature of the injury warrants. In the event of a non-emergency injury, you should report the incident to your supervisor and Human Resources immediately. You should also complete an incident/injury report within 24 hours and all appropriate workers' compensation documents. These documents can be obtained from Human Resources. Failure to complete the necessary paperwork may result in the denial of a claim or cause a delay in its processing and payment.   


How do I report a student accident?

Non work related accidents involving NCSC students shall be immediately reported to security to file an accident/injury report. Subsequently, the Business Office should be contacted and forwarded the accident/injury report.




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