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For Future Students

Listed below are some pages you may find helpful as you learn about North Central State.


Navigation Arrow - Visit NC State


The best way to find out about North Central State is to see it for yourself. Schedule a tour with one of our admissions representatives and start discovering the advantages of North Central.

Navigation Arrow - About NC State

About NC

Here you will find a brief overview of the college and a listing of offices that will serve you. Check out the video story of how North Central was founded as told by our first president, Dr. Henry Fallerius. And don't miss the welcome video!

Navigation Arrow - Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Steps

See what you need to do next to become a student at North Central. This topic covers everything from filling out the Application to Placement Testing and Registering for Classes.

Navigation Arrow - Degrees


Get a 2-year degree to open the door to a higher paying job. Or transfer that same degree to a 4-year college and increase your earning potential further.

Navigation Arrow - Certificates


Your new promotion or new job may be just around the corner with the expertise you acquire with a certificate. These programs take less than two years to complete and may help you advance more quickly in the job market.

Navigation Arrow - Career Toolkit

Career Toolkit

If you are not sure what degree to pursue, our Career Toolkit may help. Focus 2 will help you narrow your career choices based on your interests, skills and values. Career Coach gives you regional job outlook and salary data so you can see where you interests can take you.

Navigation Arrow - Cost


You may be pleasantly surprised at how much financial aid is available to help you earn your degree. Our overall costs are already low, but when you add scholarships and grants on top of everything, your degree becomes really inexpensive.

Navigation Arrow - College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

Did you know you can start taking college classes while you are still in high school? College Credit plus gives you a jump start on your college career at practically no cost to you. The classes you take are regular college courses that can be applied towards a degree at North Central or you can transfer them to another college or university.

Navigation Arrow - Tuition Freedom

Tuition Freedom

Former College Credit Plus students can take up to 64 credit hours at North Central without paying tuition. That's almost enough to complete a degree! Books and Fees are not included ... but imagine walking away with a 2-year degree by paying a fraction of the cost. That would be awesome!

Navigation Arrow - Student Activities

Student Activities

Student Activities is your first place to look to get connected with other students on campus. Campus Events, Sports Teams and Service Organizations are shared between North Central and The Ohio State University at Mansfield to give our students the most diverse experience possible. See where you might find a couple new friends to share the journey.

Navigation Arrow - Maps and Directions

Maps and Directions

Well, you wouldn't want to get lost would you? Main Campus off Lexington-Springmill road has the most buildings, but we also have locations in Shelby, Bucyrus and downtown Mansfield. Street addresses are listed in you would like to use your GPS.

Navigation Arrow - Resource Guide

Reference Guide

Sometimes college lingo is downright confusing! This Reference Guide gives brief definitions of terms and titles used at North Central and lists people you can contact to get more information.



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