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Foundation Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

The College Foundation encourages the establishment of endowed scholarships, as they are lasting tributes to individuals, organizations, communities, and companies, and provide an opportunity to provide perpetual support for students of North Central State College.

When an endowment scholarship fund is established, the gift is invested in perpetuity, and only the income (generally, interest earnings) from the fund’s principal is available for distribution annually. Endowments may be established with a minimum gift of $10,000, though the greater the investment, the more scholarships that can be awarded.

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are established as a short term gift, often renewable. When a donor establishes an annual scholarship, the entire gift is awarded to a student or students during the current or next academic year. The annual scholarship minimum is $500.

Contact us

To establish a scholarship fund to benefit North Central State College students, please call the College Foundation’s executive director at 419-755-4753.


This is a listing of funds awarded by the College Foundation. Fill out the scholarship application for a chance to receive a distribution from one of these funds.

  • Alumni Association Scholarship+
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarship
  • Ambassador Award
  • Ashland Samaritan Hospital Foundation Scholarship
  • Bertha Fenner Searle Registered Nursing (ADN) Scholarship+
  • Burton Preston Scholarship+
  • Cardwell-Neer College NOW Award+
  • College Tech Prep Scholarship
  • Debi Sheaffer Memorial Scholarship+
  • Donald L. Plotts Scholarship
  • Dr. George Searle Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Scholarship+
  • Emerson/Therm-O-Disc Scholarship+
  • Entrepreneur Scholarship+
  • Faculty Scholarship+
  • Fran and Warren Rupp Foundation Nursing Scholarship+
  • Galion Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Scholarship+
  • Gorman Fund Scholarship
  • Gorman-Rupp (Corporate) Scholarship+
  • Gorman-Rupp Memorial and Civic Fund Scholarship+
  • Haring Realty Inc. Scholarship+
  • Harry Cobey Foundation Scholarship+
  • Kroger Scholarship+
  • Mansfield University Fund Ambassador Scholarship of the Richland County Foundation
  • McDonald's Scholarship
  • Necessities Loan Fund+ **
  • Orange & Blue Twenty-First Century Scholarship+
  • Phillips Equipment Leasing Co., Inc., Scholarship+
  • Physical Therapy Assistant's Scholarship+
  • Presidents' Emeritus Scholarship+
  • Rable Machine Company Scholarship
  • Radiology Associates Scholarship
  • Ralph Phillips E Troop Scholarship
  • Robert L. Garber Radiography Scholarship +
  • Robert Stimpert Regional Manufacturing Coalition Scholarship+
  • Roy and Nancy Brown Respiratory Care Scholarship+
  • Russell and Mary Gimbel Foundation Scholarship
  • Ryan Bennett Memorial Scholarship+
  • S.N. and Ada Ford Emergency Aid Fund+
  • Samo Jenko Memorial Scholarship+
  • Sharon Manring Gubkin Memorial Scholarship+
  • Terry Coleman Memorial Scholarship+
  • Tom Carter Memorial Education Aid Fund+ *
  • United Bank Scholarship
  • Urban Center Scholarship (MIMA)
  • Vetter Impact Award+
  • Welsh News Scholarship+
  • William and Kit Cress Memorial Scholarship+

+ Endowed funds

* Student emergency aid funds

** Student loan fund; loan does not have to be repaid if eligible student graduates within four years of accepting the first loan from this fund.

Not listed is the Gimbel Health Chair endowment fund, which supports healthcare faculty professional development and healthcare student tutoring. The Gimbel Health Chair endowment is not a student scholarship or loan fund.

For general scholarships not associated with the North Central State College Foundation, see Scholarships and Grants.




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