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Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs for undergraduates with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study.

You must first complete the FAFSA and all steps required for eligibility of aid at North Central State College.

If you have unmet financial need and are enrolled for at least six credit hours, you may apply for employment on campus through the Federal Work-Study program. You may obtain an application from the Financial Aid Office. (2 forms of ID are required when you turn in your application)

Federal Work-Study is a need based program. Not every student is eligible.

A limited number of Work-Study positions are available on campus. Obtaining a position is a competitive process, much like any job search process. Contact the Career Resources Center (room 102 Kee Hall) for resume writing, job search, and interview tips.


Do's and Don'ts for Federal Work-Study
  1. Complete and submit the Work-Study application and all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Consult the Career Development Office at 102 Kee Hall for tips on completing the application, writing a resume, and interviewing. Check for current job postings on the bulletin board outside room 102, on the TV screens in each building on campus, or at:

  2. Interview for the job.

  3. Complete W-4 and other necessary forms in the Human Resources Office. 2 forms of ID are required for HR processing.

  4. Obtain a Work Permit from the Human Resources Office. Take the Permit to your job site supervisor.

  5. Set a work schedule with your supervisor. Consider your supervisor's needs when requesting time off.

  6. Complete your time sheet daily; accurately record time worked. Have your supervisor sign the time sheet at the end of week after your work is completed. You are responsible for turning this sheet into HR.

  7. Show up for work on time, be courteous and conscientious, dress appropriately for your position. Complete assigned tasks/work/ projects.

  8. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. Keep at least 6 credit hours on your schedule. To drop below half-time status at any time will cause you to lose your eligibility.

Send your signed and completed time sheet to the Human
Resources Office (F-6) the last day you work each week.


  1. Start working until the Human Resources Office has issued you a Work Permit. If you do, you are volunteering your time and cannot be paid.

  2. Work more than the approved number of hours.

  3. Work more than 20 hours a week.

  4. Work more than 8 hours a day. You must take a 30 minute break during a 6,7,or 8 hour day.

  5. Miss work without first contacting your supervisor.

  6. Submit time sheets late, you may not get paid.

  7. Conduct personal business on the job, keep your cell phone turned off during work hours.




Federal Work-Study Application

Job Postings

Check the job board outside of the Career Resource Center (room 102 Kee Hall) or online here



As a college student, sometimes its difficult to balance the demands of class, study time, family and work. Work-Study offers flexibility to work on campus while improving your skills and experience. Work-Study may also help you build valuable references. North Central State College values its work-study students!



What departments hire Work-Study employees?

♦Child Development Center, ♦Admissions Office, ♦Division offices and labs, ♦Student Records Office, ♦Financial Aid Office, ♦Maintenance Department -Main Campus and Kehoe Center, ♦Student Success Center, ♦Tutoring, ♦Student Union, ♦Campus Recreation Center, ♦Library, ♦Human Resources, ♦Cashier's Office, ♦Digital Media Majors Assistant, Urban Center.

It is important to obtain the job that best fits you, your skills and your schedule.


What does Federal Work-Study pay?

Minimum wage.


How many hours a week may I work?

Your schedule depends on your supervisor's needs, however never work more than 20 hours per week.


Does FWS effect Unemployment Benefits?

Contact your local ODJFS or Unemployment office to ask this question.





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