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Scholarships and Grants

The College provides qualified North Central State College students with academic, financial need, and general scholarships for college-related expenses. There are scholarships available for new and current students as well as full-time and part-time students.

Financial need is a specific qualifier for some scholarships. For an applicant to be considered for a scholarship based on financial need, he or she must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). FAFSAs are submitted online at www.fafsa.gov. North Central State College's federal school code is 005313 (this needs to be entered on the FAFSA application). Contact the College's Financial Aid Office with questions about FAFSA.

Many scholarships awarded by the Financial Aid office are funded by donations to the North Central State College Foundation. For a complete list of scholarships available from the foundation and information about creating a scholarship fund, see Foundation Scholarships.

Reminder!  To be eligible for the Tuition Freedom Scholarship, you must take action (submitting a FAFSA and other requested documentation, etc.) to have your eligibility for federal student aid determined each year by dates posted on the College Web site.  For 2019-2020, submission deadlines are:

FAFSA Application deadline is July 5, 2019.

Submit any information requested from financial aid by July 18, 2019.



Choose Ohio First Scholarship

for STEMM majors* (* = Science, technology, engineering, math, medical)

Students new to NC State can qualify for a scholarship funded by the State of Ohio. Its purpose is to support Ohioans preparing for careers in STEMM fields and to encourage them to remain in Ohio when they graduate. Benefits:

  • Minimum amount is $1,500 per year, but awards can be higher
  • No need to apply, all who are eligible will be considered
  • Scholarship recipients (called scholars) receive special advising and educational programming
Qualifying majors:
  • Graphic Design
  • Networking
  • Cyber Security
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Bioscience
  • Mathematics
  • Registered Nursing
  • Pre-registered Nursing
Other eligibility factors:
  • No previous NC State enrollment except in CCP classes
  • First time enrollment in fall semester
  • 2.5 GPA in high school or in previous college courses for transfer students
  • Attending at least half-time
  • Scholars are expected to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • The State of Ohio reserves the right to modify program features and funding.


John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program and the Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program


Legislative changes were implemented to help identify applicants who are or were in the foster care system.  These applicants may be eligible for assistance through federal programs for foster youth, such as the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program and the Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program.

New application processing edits generate FAFSA SAR comment codes 165 and 166.  This comment text informs any applicant identified as a foster youth or someone who was in the foster care system that he or she may be eligible for assistance through federal programs for foster youth.  More info can be found here  and where the applicant can find contact information for his or her state ETV coordinator.

Independent Living Coordinator/ETV Program
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Office of Families and Children
Toll-Free: (855) 471-1931
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Non-FAFSA on the Web filers who respond Yes to Question 53 on the FAFSA, (At any time since you turned age 13, were both your parents deceased, were you in foster care or were you a dependent or ward of the court?) receive comment code 165

This paperwork is submitted each term to the NCSC Cashier's Office

offered by independent organizations

These scholarships are provided by organizations outside of North Central State College. Please contact these organizations directly to apply for a scholarship.

Richland County Foundation Scholarships

  • Application is available here for two-year and four-year degree scholarships. 
  • Deadline is April 1.
  • Scholarship awards are for the upcoming academic year beginning in the fall.
  • Scholarship grant dollars will be sent directly to the college in August.
  • It is the student's responsibility to notify Richland County Foundation of a change in college attended.
  • A change in college after a scholarship is awarded could result in a reduction of amount or loss of award.

Scholarships are based on the following criteria:

  • Must be a Richland County resident or graduate from a Richland County high school.  
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Pursue a full-time undergraduate program at an accredited college or career school.
  • New applicants must achieve a 2.5 GPA or above and previous scholarship recipients applying for a scholarship must achieve at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • The deadline for applying for college scholarships is April 1st each year. Students must apply each year. These are not recurring scholarships.

Crawford County Ohio Scholarships

The CF4CC currently offers twenty-three different scholarships for students who are currently students at one of the six Crawford County Schools or have graduated from said schools.

Please head over here for more information on the scholarship opportunities for Crawford County residents. 

Pry Scholarship at The Community Foundation for Crawford County


THE PRY SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship established in honor of retired Executive Director of The Community Foundation for Crawford County, Janet P. Pry. With over thirty years of combined experience as both a volunteer and the executive director, Janet understands the struggles students face as they navigate the time and monetary commitment necessary for a post-secondary education. 

The intent of this scholarship is to help the NON-TRADITIONAL student improve their life through continuing education. (The Foundation defines a traditional student as a student who just graduated high school, is a dependent of their parent(s), and has no children.) This scholarship will be awarded based upon meeting the required criteria and a short essay. The application deadline will always be one month prior to the beginning of classes at North Central State College each semester. 

The scholarship may be renewed, via re-application, for as long as the applicant applies. 

Criteria and Requirements

The applicant must meet the following criteria in order to eligible for this scholarship: 
-Be a non-traditional student. (The Foundation defines a traditional student as a student who just graduated high school, is a dependent of their parent(s), and has no children.) 
-Graduated from a Crawford County, Ohio high school (Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Crestline, Galion, Wayside Christian, or Wynford), Pioneer Vocational School or Tri-Rivers Vocational School OR have lived in Crawford County for a minimum of 3 years 
-Attending any accredited certificate program or two year degree at North Central State College (preference) OR any equivalent program in the counties surrounding Crawford County (Seneca, Huron, Richland, Morrow, Marion, and Wyandot); Preference is given to those attending the Crawford Success Center 

can be attending any college or university. -Preference is given to those who have previously been awarded the scholarship. 

-When applicable, one scholarship will be given each semester to an applicant enrolling in the medical field.

-Recommendation from a representative of the program the applicant is attending (ex: employee of institution who is familiar with the program and the applicant.) 
-Completion of a short essay explaining why the student is seeking this scholarship and how education will improve their life. 

Required documentation is as follows: 
-Proof of high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate 
-A copy of the applicant's Student Aid Report (SAR) from their FAFSA 
-ONLY RENEWAL applications require a college transcript 


Up to $5,500 in total awards per year.

Ashland County Community Foundation  Scholarships

Please click here to apply for the Ashland Community Foundations scholarships and view scholarship opportunities and information about the donors who created each of our scholarship funds.

Students may apply for scholarships beginning January 1 of each year. The application deadline date for scholarships is posted on their website.

The Community Foundation of Mount Vernon and Knox County Scholarships

Please click here to apply for The Community Fundations of Mount Vernon and Knox County scholarships and view scholarship opportunities and information about the donors who created each of our scholarship funds.

The application deadline date for scholarships is posted on their website.

The Mansfield Noon Optimist is proud to announce the availability of $1000 College Scholarships to Richland County residents. 

The Scholarship Criteria is as follows:

  1. Have a permanent home address in Richland County
  2. Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program
  3. Provide two character reference letters
  4. Have a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  5. Scholarship grant dollars will be sent directly to the college or university prior to start of fall semester
  6. If finalist, student may be required to meet with scholarship committee for a personal interview

    Application and more info is available here.  

The Amish Descendants Scholarship Fund

The Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund (ADSF) was founded by a small group of former Amish with big dreams — to help other former Amish realize their dreams of earning a college education. Because the Amish only study to the eighth grade, it is challenging for those who leave the community to pursue a higher education. We hope to offer a helping hand by providing financial assistance and support. For more information about ADSF and how to apply, please visit our website: Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund.


Scholarships for Transfer Students

Ashland University Science Scholars Program

Ashland University, supported by the National Science Foundation S-STEM Program, is pleased to offer the AU Science Scholars Program.  The program provides renewable scholarships to outstanding students with financial need who are majoring in a natural science discipline at AU (biology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, geology, physics, or toxicology), who plan to pursue a career in science, and who are selected to join the program.  Two cohorts of incoming freshmen were selected to join the program in Fall 2017 and Fall 2018.  A limited number of positions are now available in the program for community college students who are transferring to Ashland University as juniors in Spring or Fall 2019.

More information can be found here


Most grants are awarded by the Financial Aid Office. The first step towards receiving a grant is completing the financial aid application process.


The feds say no aid for non-essential courses.

The U.S. Department of Education is tightening rules for financial aid eligibility.  For courses to count for financial aid purposes, they must now be required courses listed on your degree audit.

Students can no longer take courses just to increase the amount of their financial aid.  The College’s computer system “knows” what courses are required for your major, and will base the amount of your financial aid only on those.  You may be enrolled in nine credit hours, but if a three-credit hour course is not required for your degree, the computer will calculate your aid on only six hours.

  If you have any questions as to what classes are required for your major, it is imperative that you consult with your faculty advisor or a success coach in the Student Success Center.


Federal Pell Grant

Up to $6095 (for the 2018-2019 year) per year based on degree of need and number of credit hours enrolled

12 or more credit hours is full time
9-11 hours is 3/4 time
6-8 hours is 1/2 time
1-5 hours is 1/4 time


Foundation Ambassador Grant

Awarded to eligible student ambassadors of the College (administered by the College Admissions Office)


Foundation Tom Carter Memorial Educational Aid Fund

Provides grants for students with financial emergency need (administered by the College Financial Aid Office)


Foundation S.N. and Ada Ford Emergency Aid Fund

Provides grants for students with financial emergency need (administered by Financial Aid Office)


Foundation Necessities Loan Fund

Loan provides for books, uniforms, fees, etc., to students in at least their third College quarter with at least a 2.25 GPA who receive little or no financial aid; loan is forgiven if student graduates from North Central State within four years of first Necessities Fund loan (administered by the College Financial Aid Office)

Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships/Awards CRITERIA
Alumni Association Scholarship Student must be graduating high school and enroll full-time in any associate degree program at North Central State College.  Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher in high school.  Applicant must prove financial need.
Ryan J. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Must be enrolled in a degree discipline with Entrepreneurial emphasis or can be a part of a cohort group or an individual enrolled in an Entrepreneurial certificate program.
Roy G. & Nancy Y. Brown Respiratory Care Scholarship Must be a full-time NCSC student; must be currently enrolled; must have and retain a GPA of at least 2.5
Cardwell-Neer CollegeNOW Award  
Citizens Bank Scholarship  
Harry Cobey Foundation Scholarship Need based.
Terry Coleman Memorial Scholarship Continuing student; enrolled in the Business, Liberal Arts, or Education programs at NCSC
William and Kit Cress Memorial Scholarship  
Emerson/Therm-O-Disc Scholarship Continuing student; enrolled part-time or full-time; 3.0 GPA; Engineering or Business Program.
Entrepreneur Scholarship  
Faculty Scholarship Part-time student; 3.0 GPA; after one semester on a career path; receives little or no financial aid.
Galion Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #71 Scholarship New or current student enrolled in general law enforcement courses/training and/or the Criminal Justice program; part-time or full-time; dependent or independent; minimum high school or college GPA of 2.5.  First consideration for the scholarship is made to Galion FOP Lodge #71 members. Second consideration is made to Galion Police Department non-administrative employees. Third consideration is made to any Galion students, and fourth consideration is made by any Pioneer Career Center students.
Robert L. Garber Radiography Scholarship RAD student; entering 3rd semester of RAD sequence; 3.0 GPA
Russell and Mary Gimbel Foundation Scholarship NCSC student enrolled in a Health Services program.
Gorman Fund Scholarship  
Gorman Rupp Civic Fund Scholarship  
Gorman Rupp Scholarship Full-time; completed at least one semester at NCSC; 2.0 GPA
Sharon Manring-Gubkin Memorial Scholarship Preferably a graduate from Northmore High School; 2.5 GPA
Haring Realty, Inc. Scholarship Completed at least one semester at NCSC; full-time; 3.0 GPA
Samo O. Jenko Memorial Fund Students entering or continuing in any Engineering, Physics, or related discipline; 2.25 GPA either high school or previous college experience.
Kroger Scholarship Kroger employee; 2.5 GPA
Mansfield University Fund  
Phil Martin Speech Scholarship  
MIMA (Mansfield Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance) Urban Center Scholarship Student working to improve themselves academically and personally; financial need; under-served or under-represented population; enrolled at Urban Center with a minimum of 8 credit hours; 2.5 GPA
Ralph Phillips E Troop Scholarship  
Phillips Equipment Leasing Co., Inc.  Scholarship Company employee.
Physical Therapy Assistant Scholarship Second year in PTA program at NCSC; 2.67 GPA
Don Plotts Scholarship  
Presidents' Emeritus Scholarship  
Burton Preston Scholarship Enrolled with 36 or more credit hours earned at NCSC; 2.5 GPA; financial need.
Rable Machine Company Scholarship  
Radiology Associates Scholarship  
Fran and Warren Rupp Foundation Nursing Scholarship A D N:  Second year; Associate Degree Nursing student; applying during or after third quarter in program; 2.5 GPA.  PN:  Applying during or after third quarter in program; 2.5 GPA.  PN:  Considered during third quarter in program - apply during the second semester - consider second semester.
Bertha Fenner Searle RN Scholarship Must be full-time NCSC student entering the registered nursing discipline; 3.0 GPA from high school or previous college experience; must be from Plymouth, OH or rural Huron or Richland Counties; must maintain a 3.0 GPA for annual renewal.
Dr. George Searle Physical Therapy Assistant Scholarship NCSC student entering the Physical Therapy Assistant program; 3.0 GPA from high school or previous college experience; must be from Plymouth, OH or from rural Huron or Richland counties; must maintain a 3.0 GPA for annual renewal.
Debi Sheaffer Memorial Scholarship Enrolled in Digital Media Program.
Robert Stimpert Regional Manufacturing Coalition Scholarship New student with high school GPA of 2.75; or continuing student with at least 36 credit hours on a career path pursuing a manufacturing related major and 2.75 GPA.
Tuition Freedom Scholarship  
United Bank Scholarship (TERM SCHOLARSHIP) $2,000 annual scholarship limited to Crawford County residents; used for courses taken ONLY at the Crawford Success Center; must be in good academic standing; cannot be used for current CCP students; can be used for anything associated with taking a class including but not limited to tuition, fees, books, etc.; full annual amount is to be awarded to one recipient; nominee should be willing to have his/her name and career center used for press release purposes; scholarship is awarded above and beyond all other financial aid/benefit.
Vetter Impact Award Current student; student who has made an impact on the NCSC campus through leadership, commitment to their studies, service to the campus as well as community and exhibits potential to have a significant positive impact after graduation.
Welsh News Scholarship Enrolled with 36 or more credit hours earned at NCSC; 2.5 GPA



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