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STAR Notice
(formerly called Early Academic Alert)

Using AdvisorTrac to send STAR Notices

A STAR Notice (formerly called Early Academic Alert) can be sent to any student on your roster for any of the following reasons:

  • Student needs to make some improvements
  • Student has shown improvement
  • Student deserves Kudos for a job well done

The Faculty member can identify areas that need improvement, such as "Poor attendance" or student strengths, such as "Outstanding academic performance".  The instructor can suggest actions that the student should take, such as, "contact the instructor", "withdraw from the class", or "use the Tutoring Center" or provide words of encouragement, such as "You've made great improvement" or "Don't give up now - you can still pass this course!".  Community and College resources can also be recommended, such as "Tutoring Services, "Career Services", or "Phi-Theta-Kappa", depending on the needs of the student.

The student's assigned Advisor (Success Coach, Academic Liaison, or Faculty) will be asked to follow up with the student (if follow-up was requested by the faculty) and share the outcome with the originating Faculty member.

The system is very user-friendly, however, the step-by-step instructions will assist you to get started.  The AdvisorTrac system uses the same username and password used for NC State email.


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