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Services and Forms

1) Car: Driver History Form 17-411b Car Driver History Form 17-411b must be filled out every two years and provides a detail of your driving history for the past three years. Must be filled out before you can request a car for the first time.

2) Equipment Disposal Form 17-401e Equipment Disposal Form must be filled out if you want to remove something that you no longer need, ie., desks, book shelves, computer equipment that has reached EOL.

3) Equipment Transfer Form 401d Capital Asset equipment that needs moved from room to room must have this form filled out before it can be moved, and after approval the equipment will be moved. 

4) Key & Building Key Card Request 17-421a Key Request form has to be filled out and signed by appropriate supervisor, if you need a Master Key, it has to be approved by the VP. Then the form is sent to Facilities and will be distributed upon receiving OSU. 

5) Office/Classroom Move Form 17-401b Office/ Classroom move 17-401b form must accompany any changes for officesm and an explanantion with the necessary signatures needed, then Facilities will schedule your move. (remember to fill out an IT ticket to move your phone and computer. )

6) Office Supply Form 17-371a Office Supply form must be filled out and sent to Duplicating so that your order may be filled and returned to you in a timely manner.

7) ´╗┐Security Incident Report Form 18-101a Security Incident Form 18-101a is filled out for any thing that involves safety or security on campus.

8) Damaged Items/Shipment Return Form 17-301a

9) Equipment Loan Form 17-401c





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