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The Sci-Med Academy will provide three distinct pathways designed to prepare students who plan to pursue advanced degrees in:

  • Bioscience, Biology, Chemistry
  • Health/Medical Studies
  • Science Education

Successful graduates will receive an Associate of Science degree. They will simultaneously complete the requirements to receive their high school diploma while enrolled in the Sci-Med Academy.


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Similar to the College-NOW academies, students will enroll in the Sci-Med Academy at the beginning of their junior year of high school. They will be enrolled full-time at NC State throughout their junior and senior years. All classes will take place on the NC State College campus.

The Sci-Med Academy is not designed as a terminal degree. Instead, students will be provided the opportunity to engage in college-level coursework in foundational studies of the natural sciences, anatomy, physiology, etc. The degree will prepare students to transition to a four-year university to pursue a higher-level degree. All courses, except Bioscience, are included in either the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) or Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) for transfer credit to any public institution in Ohio.

We encourage you to work with your high school counselor. You may also contact the NC State College Health Sciences Center at 419-755-4805 for more information about the new Sci-Med Academy at NC State.

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