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associate of technical studies

If you have an interest in more than one area of study, a special ATS degree may be developed to combine those interests into one Associate Degree.

The Technical Studies program allows a student who has specific needs that are not met by any single program at the College to combine elements of several technologies in a meaningful and logical way. Appropriate administrators and faculty will assist the student in formulating a course of study that closely matches his/her goals and needs. The course of study will be documented and upon successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded the Associate of Technical Studies degree.

All Technical Studies programs must have certain elements; at least 30 credit hours of courses that are clearly technical in nature, 12 credit hours of support courses and 15 credit hours of general studies courses. Overall, the program must contain a minimum of 60 credit hours.

To pursue Technical Studies, a student must complete a special Technical Studies application form available from the Academic Services Office. A student will be considered admitted to the Technical Studies program only after his/ her course of study has been formulated and approved by the appropriate administration and faculty.

Current ATS Programs Include:
  • Professional Services Management
  • Mechatronics


 “I wanted to combine some business management with some DMT coursework. The Associate of Technical Studies program let me work towards one degree instead of two.”



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