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Ends Policy Taskforce

The documents presented in this chart are to serve as record of the process carried out toward the development of the CEO's interpretation of the intent as expressed in the Board's ENDS policies. They are presented here for reference of the work carried out by various groups of faculty, staff and administration all working in unison. All actions and documents presented here are stepping stones to the final product (our strategic plan). An overall summary of the Strategic Plan may be found below in the Strategy Map. Specific details of the Strategic Plan may be found below within each of the various Action Plans


1.00 Global
ENDS Statement

1.10 Diversity                     1.20 Job Readiness          

1.30 High Demand/ Emerging Technologies

1.40 Career Development 1.50 Transferability    1.60 Enrichment         

Team Leader

Teresa VanDorn

Bill Miller Lynn Damberger Carmen Morrison Mark Monnes Kelly Gray
Admin Support Peg Moir Betty Wells Brad McCormack Karen Reed Bruce Sliney Jim Hull
Team Members

Cheryl Carter
Margaret Puckett
Gary Woods
Ron Pagano
Kathy Emmer
Christine Truesdell
Julie Korbas
Nikia Fletcher
Ann Seifert
Barb Keener

Caroly Kaple
Joe Simmerling
Tom Kluding
Troy Shutler
Lou Huff
Randy Storms

Ken Ekegren
Greg Timberlake
Bob Matney
Dave Cardwell

Erica Boyd
Jean Jones
Janet Boeckman
Bob Brownson
Sharon Perry
Candy Bishop
Deb Hysell

Paul Sukys
Phil Martin
Michelle Denny
Bob Lewis
Rob Slabodnick

Janny Nauman
Nancy Kukay
Beth Price
Teri Brannum
Mike Welker
Mary Rodriguez
Molly McCue


Interpretation of Intent (expanded) Intent 1.10 Intent 1.20 Intent 1.30 Intent 1.40 Intent 1.50 Intent 1.60
Gaps & Underlying Factors Gaps 1.10 Gaps 1.20 Gaps 1.30 Gaps 1.40 Gaps 1.50 Gaps 1.60

 ENDS Metrics

Global Metrics 1.00

Metrics 1.10  Metrics 1.20  Metrics 1.30  Metrics 1.40  Metrics 1.50  Metrics 1.60 



Strategy Map (MEANS)

 Strategic Plan
Development & Execution

    From ENDS Policies to a Stragetic Plan (MEANS)    
  Strategic Initiaties (MEANS) Linked to ENDS Policies  Outline of Strategic Initiatives (MEANS) Linked to ENDS Policies Strategic Initiatives (MEANS) Linked to AQIP  
 Strategic Focus
Subcommittee Members


(Same order as shown in Strategy Map)


Focus #1

Quality through
Continuous Improvement

Focus #2

Preparation for College

Focus #3

Student Success

Focus #4

Successful Transition

Focus #5

Regional Development


MEANS Metrics 

(Complete Metrics for Strategic Plan)


 MEANS Metrics #1

Enhance Quality through Continuous Improvement

 MEANS Metrics #2

Preparation for College

 MEANS Metrics #3

Student Success

 MEANS Metrics #4

Successful Transition

MEANS Metrics #5

Regional Development

Learning and Growth Metrics


   Action Plan Team Members    Action Plan Timelines  
 Focus #1  Focus #2  Focus #3  Focus #4  Focus #5
Action Plan 1-A
Programs & Services Review
Action Plan 2-A
Academic Preparation for College

Action Plan 3-A
Developmental & Gateway 
Course Success

Action Plan 4-A
Transfer Awareness
& Assistance
Action Plan 5-A
Workforce Development
Strategic Plan
Action Plan 1-B
Certification & Licensure
Action Plan 2-B
Career Planning & Goal Development
Action Plan 3-B
Success Skills
Action Plan 4-B
Job Search Skills Development & Assistance
Action Plan 5-B
Enhance Entrepreneurship Efforts
Action Plan 1-C
Program & Service Development
Action Plan 2-C
Overcoming Financial Barriers
Action Plan 3-C
Critical Thinking
  Board Direction (ENDS) to College Strategic Initiatives (MEANS) Combined E2M Document
  Progress Reports - Institutional Effectiveness Indicators  

September 1, 2011
Baseline Data

August 1, 2012
1st Year Data 




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