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Framework Plan 

download PDF Mansfield Campus Framework Plan

Over the past year, The Ohio State University at Mansfield and North Central State College have been collaboratively involved in a process of examining how we think about our physical world. The Framework Plan will guide our decision making and physical change over the next 50 years, ensuring the academic missions of each institution drive the physical environment. It provides a holistic approach by integrating academic, physical and financial planning as we build toward our long-term vision for the campus. This plan gives us a toolbox of resources which will allow our two institutions to be flexible in a time of change and to encourage fiscal responsibility across the institutions. 

This plan represents the careful work of many people, including strategic and physical planning leadership at Ohio State Columbus. At both NCSC and Ohio State Mansfield, our joint approach has included contributions from faculty, staff, students, trustees, and friends of the campus. In addition, our unified approach provided avenues for campus and public feedback regarding the plan through town hall meetings and web links.

The Framework vision is bold. With your dedication and commitment, we will move toward this vision with a spirit of unity and cooperation. Our solidarity in implementing the plan will enable our shared campus to continue providing the highest quality teaching and learning environment for our students and our communities far into the future.


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Dorey Diab, Ph.D.
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Dean and Director
The Ohio State Univeristy at Mansfield


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