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Faculty and Staff

Math Boot Camp Adds up for 13 Students

John Falls Portrait
John Falls

Tom Nichols Portrait
Tom Nichols

September 2008 - Three faculty members invited almost fifty students who were very close to achieving the next level of Math comprehension on recent placement tests, to attend a week-long Math Boot Camp at NC State. Twenty-two of the students enrolled, and worked on areas of mathematics every day for a week to increase their understanding of math, and their test scores. At the end of the week, the participants were given the opportunity to take their placement test again.

Carol Allen Portrait
Carol Allen

Thirteen students were able to move up to the next level of coursework thanks to “Boot Camp”, saving each significant amounts of both time and money. Seven students moved all the way to MTH 121, the first, college-level math course that earns credit for students.

Congratulations to the students and the instructors – John Falls, Carol Allen and Tom Nichols – for all their hard work. And look for more “Boot Camps” in the future at North Central State College.

As a result of Math Boot Camp, 13 of 20 students retested (65%) have tested into a higher class.

  • 4 students from MTH100 to MTH102
  • 2 students from MTH102 to MTH103
  • 7 students from MTH103 to MTH121 (out of developmental and into college-level mathematics)

PSEO Success

N = 13x x 7y
If there are thirteen high school students in John Fall’s Algebra Class this fall who attend seven separate high schools, they equal North Central State College Post Secondary Enrollment success.

John Falls, North Central State College math professor is teaching Algebra for PSEO students from seven different high schools. Their success highlights the opportunities available to growing numbers of students enrolled both in high school and NC State. Early College options include: PSEO, Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit, Seniors to Sophomores, and CollegeNOW. Go to for more information.

Student Success Center

Bev Walker
Bev Walker

Bev Walker, Director of Retention Services, Student Success Center, by nature, sees several students cross her path. Many of them fit the bill of the Achieving the Dream initiative with several barriers; instability at home, financial problems, busy lives with families and jobs, etc. Bev, and the Student Success Center staff, have several tools to help students overcome their obstacles. Learn more about what the Student Success Center has to offer by clicking here.




Teacher helping a Student

Student Success Story Submission

If you know someone who has overcome difficulty to enroll at NC State please submit their story so that it may inspire others.