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Success Center
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  • (419) 755-4764
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  • 8:00 am - 7:30 pm
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Achieve the Dream
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Resources to help students succeed

For a full list of resources NC State offers please click here.


All students attending the college need to have completed the ACT or COMPASS (unless they have transfer credit for math and college English). This assessment evaluates the student's skill levels in reading, writing, and math. It is untimed and completed on the computer.

CIS Test

All students who wish to take any computer class must first take this free assessment in the SSC. Students are evaluated on keyboarding skills and knowledge of windows. It takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.


Students wishing to major in one of the health science programs may be required to take the NET/HOBET. Students can make an appointment to take this through the cashier's office. Usually offered twice monthly.
Cost-$15, non-refundable.


All new and returning students must first meet with advisors in the SSC to discuss short and long-term goals, programs, and more. Afterwards, a student walks through the online registration process and receives information that is needed to begin classes. Continuing students may also use the advising services at anytime. Directions is an advising program for any student placing into a developmental class. This intrusive advising process aids students throughout their first year. A student in any developmental class is part of the program. Probationary students are also required to meet with an advisor in the Center on a quarterly basis.

Career Exploration

Any student unsure of a major or career can take the Discover assessment which will measure the student's abilities, values and interests. This may help guide the student in choosing a career path to suit his/her needs. Students should call and make an appointment to meet with Troy Shutler.

Academic Alert

Faculty can use this to alert students and SSC advisors of students who may need extra assistance. Faculty can access this through their online roster.

Computer Workshops

The SSC offers 1-hour computer workshops for students on how to use student email, how to use Word to complete a class assignment, and how to use the web for research. These are offered at the beginning of each quarter. See the schedule in the SSC for hours and times. Students need to sign up.


Faculty tutoring is available at specified hours in the SSC for reading, writing, FYE, English, and math. No appointment needed. Peer tutoring is available for students in other classes. Students simply complete a tutor request in the SSC, no faculty signature needed!

Personal Counseling

Free, personal counseling is offered to those NCSC students who may benefit from it. It is offered off-campus at New Directions. Students simply see an advisor in the SSC, Sandra Luckie or contact the agency and self-identify as an NCSC student.

Disability Services

Disability Services are offered to assist students with documented disabilities. Students should contact Sandra Luckie, 419-755-4727, to discuss arrangements.

Learning Disability Testing

This office also provides information regarding learning disability accommodations and learning disability testing . Disability testing is free for students who qualify.

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