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Achieve the Dream
AtD Main > Research > Problem Solving
AtD Main > Teams > Communications Team > Problem Solving

Problem Solving Worksheet -- Internal Communication for AtD

Describe the Problem (Step 1)


The goal is to provide general understanding, purpose, process, and progress to all (i.e. the 'vision') and to also provide further and timely information for those who want it (this information may need to be personalized and distributed in the way each person wants the information). Also for all active committee members of Achieving the Dream to cohesively work together and communication as one large team.


  • Don't know why things happen, they are a mystery, no feedback
  • Disconnection: complexity of the campus, separate buildings, no one leaves their silos
  • Lack of community feel: demands on time for own job, living in several different counties
  • Lack of knowledge regarding available resources
  • Turn over: constantly changing staff/faculty, reorganization
  • Misconceptions: the 'big idea' is not communicated to the community
  • Little/no follow up
  • Info overload: eyes glaze over, resentment for not being kept informed, newsletters have been difficult to advance/get accepted/keep going, much communication is impersonal
  • Faculty Communication: narrow window, only on campus 8 months of the year, maligned for moving forward in summer, getting people involved and not loosing the faculty by moving forward in the summer
  • Big idea comes down from the mountain and then there is no continual re-engagement, ideas, thoughts etc.
  • Everyone says there is 'no communication'
  • Problems keeping faculty in the loop when they're gone for a summer
  • E-mail overload
  • Teams involved with AtD are disconnected - no central reporting
  • Data: how it's distributed, disseminated, read into
  • Info overload
  • No buy in
  • Messages aren't being relayed in the manner in which people want to receive it
  • Face to Face meetings: either involved in too many or none
  • Abuse of emails/memos
  • Lack of signage, posters
  • No clear sense of where we stand on projects


Even when we (the sender) think that something is being communicated clearly, it is not being received clearly or in the meaning, manner, context we wanted to convey.

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