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Core Team

Achieve the Dream
AtD Main > Teams > Core Team > Core Team Members

Core Team Members

The responsibilities of the Core Team include:
- Identify existing values, assumptions, structures and systems at the college that nurture and impede student success
- Consider leverage points to improve student outcomes; lead a process for setting institutional priorities, goals and strategies.
- Engage students, faculty, community members, and others in dialogue about the analysis and proposed goals and strategies
- Ensure that strategies are aligned with the college budget and strategies plan in order to promote sustainability
- Provide leadership to spread a culture of inquiry, reflection and commitment to student success throughout the college.

Peg Moir - Core Team Leader Vice President, Learning Support and Retention
Don Plotts President, North Central State College
Richard Birk Associate Professor - Developmental Education
Sheila Campbell Institutional Research Coordinator
John Falls Associate Professor - Mathematics
Beth Franz Associate Professor - English
Ken McCreight Dean of Workforce Development
Kate Peresie Associate Professor - Respiratory Care
Tom Prendergast Director of Institutional Research and Grants
Margaret Puckett Associate Professor - FYE and Developmental Ed.
Karen Reed Vice President for Learning
Keith Stoner Director or Marketing 
Bev Walker Director of Retention Services
Vacant Financial Aid Director
Vacant Dean of Business and Education
Traci Lykins - Recorder Senior Administrative Assistant
Learning Support and Retention

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