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Communications Team

Achieve the Dream
AtD Main > Teams > Communications Team > Communications Team Members

Communications Team Members

The Communications Team is responsible for all internal and external communication and marketing regarding the Achieving the Dream initiative. The team will understand and consistently communicate the relationship between our Achieving the Dream work, the AQIP process, and Board of Trustees goals. The team will develop and implement a communication plan for Achieving the Dream that includes communication to internal and external groups.

Using the opportunity to communicate information about Achieving the Dream and AQIP, the team will create a model for good communication (using Achieving the Dream and AQIP as the subject matter) that can be replicated by this college in the future.

The team will help to guide the Engagement Work Teams as they dialogue with stakeholder groups. The team will work with the Data Team to craft communications and present information about our data findings to each stakeholders group. The team will develop web page(s) and post informational documents to the web as appropriate.

This team is an Action Project team for AQIP. The Communications Team will examine and assess the communication practices regarding the Achieving the Dream initiative and make recommendations for improvement. The team will complete the planning and documentation required for the AQIP Strategy Forum and will submit annual reports over the years of the project. Team members may attend the AQIP Strategy Forum as appropriate.

Lynn Damberger Monica Durham
 Lynn Damberger
Monica Durham

Pat Herb Sandra Luckie
Pat Herb

Sandra Luckie

Kimberly Lybarger Michael Renock-Welker
Kimberly Lybarger

Michael Renock-Welker

Keith Stoner Deanna Strauss
Keith Stoner

Deanna Strauss

Betty Wells  
Betty Wells


Sub Committees of the Achieve the Dream Communications Team are:

Web Team:

Lynn Damberger, Michael Renock-Welker, Sandra Luckie

Events Team:

Kimberly Lybarger, Deanna Strauss, Keith Stoner, Monica Durham

Message Team:

Betty Wells, Keith Stoner, Pat Herb, Tom Prendergast

E-Mail Team:

Deanna Strauss

Newsletter Team:

Lynn Damberger & Pat Herb (Faculty/Staff Newsletter)
Deanna Strauss (Student Newsletter)
Kimberly Lybarger, Sandra Luckie

Distribution Team:

Keith Stoner, Deanna Strauss, Kimberly Lybarger

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