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Strategy Forums


2006 Strategy Forum

2009 Strategy Forum


Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)
Core Process: Strategy Forum

An innovative element in the Academic Quality Improvement Program’s accreditation process, the Strategy Forum brings together teams from diverse colleges and universities for three days to generate and test new improvement strategies in a creative, supportive environment. At a Strategy Forum, an institution’s team will benefit from both giving and receiving feedback about the best ways to address challenges shared by its higher education peers. The atmosphere at Strategy Forums is serious, but collegial and collaborative. The institutions that interact all share a commitment to continuous quality improvement and its application to the operations, values, and goals of higher education.

Participating in a Strategy Forum provides an institution with supportive, facilitated peer feedback to stimulate and assist it in conceiving, critically examining, and committing to a key set of Action Projects. Within the larger sequence of activities and services that constitute AQIP, these Action Projects should strengthen an institution’s commitment to continuous quality improvement; educate and motivate its faculty, staff, and administrators in the philosophy and tools of continuous improvement; and enhance systems and processes to make the institution more successful in achieving its goals.