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AQIP Action Project 2010 Update

Professional Development


  1. This year, 2010, the College had a consistent Professional Development team that planned Fall Convocation, fall staff development and spring professional development.  This team attempted to keep the planned events focused on faculty and staff issues and desires rather than the previous top-down kind of professional development day.
    • There were 47 responses to the Fall Convocation survey.  87% agreed or strongly agreed with the events offered.  The worst response was in regard to the presentation on Semester Conversion with only 54% agreeing or strongly agreeing. 
    • The response to the Fall Staff Professional Development was poor.  There are about 130 staff.  Of those staff members about 60 had their own day doing something departmental and there were no survey results for this population.  The remaining 70 staff members attended afternoon breakout sessions.  Unfortunately, the survey of the day was handed out at the last session after many had left for the day.  There are only about 13 responses.  Of those responding about 84% felt the overall quality and the presentations were good to excellent.
    • There are no results for the spring professional development day at this time.
    • Because of this favorable feedback, the planning for the Fall Convocation 2010 went on as it did last year.  There was no focus on change based on the data we received from the surveys.
  2. This planning was done by a team of faculty, staff, and administration.  On this team are representatives from all divisions of the College.  The planning was done using survey results from previous professional development days as well as surveys done with faculty and staff with suggested topics.  This information was able to be shared with the Faculty and Staff Caucuses during the process.
  3. Planned next steps are to review the Action Project and make sure we are completing what we proposed.  For instance, the plans are pretty well complete for the Fall Convocation 2010, and at the last meeting one member said that she looked at the agenda for a 1976 Fall Convocation, which had the exact same set up as the new one.  What seems to have happened is that we slipped back into our old way of thinking.  There was discussion at this meeting that we are working without referencing the Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP), particularly those of faculty.  The plan was for deans and administrators to review the IPDP forms turned in and plan to meet those needs.  Not once did we discuss the IPDP forms from faculty.
  4. We have not instituted an effective practice, but one is proposed.  The team proposed that at least one dean become a part of the committee and that way we can insure that we are considering the needs of the faculty and staff in planning the next professional development day.  It is hoped that including a dean on the planning team will insure two-way communication and better planning for the day based on IPDP from those attending the day.
  5. The challenge is that we have fallen back into our old way of planning.  Another challenge is that we as an institution do not value the IPDPs and as a result they are not used in planning College-wide improvement.
  6. Perhaps as we evaluate the Fall Convocation, 2010 and plan for staff development on November 11, we will want to talk with an expert in the area of professional development, so that we can move forward with professional development days that not only fill up time, but actually bring positive change to the College.