NC State Engineering Technology

Year 2000 - 2001 Winter-Spring Class Project

The Mechanical Engineering Technology students are building a two seat, three wheel commuter car called the Trimuter.  It will consist of a fiberglass and wood body mounted on a steel frame.  The Trimuter will be powered by an 18 hp gas engine, and will get about 50 miles per gallon of gas.  The unit uses a number of existing vehicle parts, and will require the students to use their engineering skills to plan, organize and manufacture the car within the next two quarters.  This project was so big, it is taking two sets of Winter-Spring quarters to complete!  Last year, we were able to create the rolling chassis and got the outside of the urethane body panels coated with glass cloth and resin.

This year, we spent winter quarter adding more components to the steel chassis, and continued "fiberglassing" the body.  Even with a day and night class, the multiple layers of cloth and resin required is a time consuming task.  With only 5 weeks to go during spring quarter, we are putting in some overtime while we finish "glassing" the canopy and start assembling the hinged components.  We are still shooting for completion this quarter.  Check back to see pictures of our progress!

Pictures and updates this year (Winter & Spring 2001)

Click Here for Pictures from last year (Winter & Spring 2000)


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