daycraft.gif (35298 bytes) Finished Day Class Craft

NC State Mechanical Engineering Technology Hovercraft

Two completed hovercrafts - June 12, 1998


sideshot.jpg (31901 bytes) Side view of finished Craft nitegrp.jpg (31298 bytes)Group shot of night class and finished craft
Hovercraft Plans Unfinished Hull of craft
June 12th 1998:  The Day Class hovercraft was finished and tested today.  The Night Class hovercraft had its first test on Friday, June 5th, 1998, a week ahead of the Day Class.  Both crafts have been successfully tested in the NC State parking lots, and the Night Class has already been on water.  The only problem we ran into on both crafts was a slight weight bias towards the rear.  We will add some internal ballast in the nose of both crafts to balance them out.  A light cinder block resting on the nose of the Night Class craft helped it plane out beautifully over water.  Both crafts will be on display at the NC State Rib Cookoff in Mansfield, Ohio on July 9 - 11.  Come on out and see the work of our Mechanical Engineering Technology students.
Congratulations to the students on a job well done!

April 15th:  The hull bottoms are skinned and the seams have been fiberglassed.  All structural members are in place, including the rear engine support (upper right picture).  Next step is to install floatation (about 60 sealed, one gallon milk cartons, capable of supporting 500 lbs) and then skin the deck, sides and front (upper left picture shows skin cut to fit, ready to attach).  The front lift duct was fabricated and fiberglassed and will be installed after the skin is attached.  Engines are in transit, and skirt material has arrived.  We have expanded our class time to help ensure completion of the project, and the effort is noticeable -- it's looking more like a hovercraft every week! 

Feburary 18th:  The NC State Engineering Technology Hovercraft has become three dimensional.  Both the day and night classes have begun connecting the individual ribs shown above using longitudinal stringers.  The next step is to skin the craft, and our goal for the end of this quarter is to have the hulls completed.  During Spring Quarter, we will work on fan and duct components and install the engines.  The hull will be covered with 1/8" plywood and filled with foam for floatation.  Both bottom pictures are taken from the front of the craft.
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