Finished Back Hoe

NC State Engineering Back Hoe

1999 Winter-Spring Class Project


Main Frame 1

Update:  June 11, 1999

Project complete!

Axle 1

Main Frame 2

The backhoe is finished!  These first pictures show the main frame with front and rear axles with the stabilizers and hydraulic cylinders attached (left photos).  In the right pictures, you can see the towing axle mounted to the front, the rear swivel wheels, and the seat.  The main boom has been fabricated and installed (not shown). 

The bottom pictures show the class making adjustments as we tested the completed backhoe.

Axle 2

Testing 1

Testing 2

In Transit

The Mechanical Engineering Technology students built a hydraulically powered, towable back hoe during winter and spring quarters this year.  The back hoe is powered by an 18 hp gas engine, running an 11 gpm, single stage hydraulic pump.  The unit is designed to be towed to the worksite using a standard trailer hitch and a removeable trailering axle.  It can then move under its own power at the worksite by way of two hydraulic wheel motors driving the main tires.

The unit was built from CAD plans purchased from CADDigger Corp.  The students redrew all of the steel plate shapes on our CAD system, and Ideal Electric imported these drawings into their new burn table, donating the time and material for our project.  The Mike Volk Company also donated the steel pieces necessary to build the bucket.  Our thanks go to both companies for their help on this project.  The back hoe will be displayed at the NC State Rib Cook-Off  in Mansfield on July 16-18.  Come on out and see this year's back hoe and last year's hovercraft project.
Congratulations on a great class and a job well done!

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