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1 A _______ font is defined as a mathematical function.

A True Type

B Vector

C Bit-mapped

D Raster

2 A 10BaseT NIC connects to the network with _______.

A a RJ-45 connector

B a BERG connector

C a 15-pin D-shell connector

D a 40-pin SCSI connector

3 A 15-pin D-shell connector would probably be used as a ______.

A SCSI port

B printer port

C serial port

D joystick port

4 A 168-pin memory module is known as a ______.





5 A 72-pin memory module is known as a _____.





6 A 9-pin male D-shell connector is a common _____.

A parallel printer port

B external SCSI port

C video monitor port

D |serial mouse port

7 A BIOS with LBA can support _______.

A HDDs larger than 504 MB

B HDDs no greater than 504 MB

C more than four COM ports

D more than four HDDs

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8 A cable that has a single conductor with a braided copper shield around it is called _______.

A UTP cable

B Ethernet cable

C Token Ring cable

D Coaxial cable

9 A common connector arrangement for an internal modem card is _____.

A 1 RJ-11

B 2 RJ-11s

C 1 RJ-45

D 2 RJ-45's

10 A computer system that uses a 64-bit bus is based on the _____ microprocessor.

A 286

B 386

C 486

D 586

11 A device that can modulate an outgoing data signal for a telephone line and demodulate an incoming data signal

is called a _________.


B multiplexer

C transceiver

D modem

12 A dot-matrix printer prints too lightly on the right half of the page. What is the problem?

A The platen is misaligned.

B The print ribbon is bad.

C The printhead motor needs adjustment.

D The paper should be discarded.

13 A flash BIOS is used for _______.

A resetting the default BIOS settings

B upgrading the BIOS without additional hardware

C inputting temporary BIOS settings for troubleshooting purposes

D making newer motherboards backward compatible

14 A floppy disk drive uses which of the following IRQs?





15 A gas plasma display uses which gas?

A Krypton

B Xenon

C Helium

D Neon

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16 A good example of firmware is ______.


B Windows 95



17 A modem is normally connected to a _____.

A 25-pin, male connector

B 15-pin, female connector

C 9-pin, female connector

D 15-pin, male connector

18 A modem that conducts communication in only one direction at a time is called ________.

A a simplex modem

B a full-duplex modem

C a half-duplex modem

D a full-simplex modem

19 A non-PnP Network Interface Card (NIC) has a 10/100 rating.

A This means the card is _______.

B capable of data transfer rates of 10 or 100 Mbits per second

C designed for use on networks of between 10 and 100 computers

D capable of data transfer rates of 10 or 100 MBytes per second

20 A parallel printer is normally connected to a ______.

A 9-pin, male connector

B 25-pin, female connector

C 15-pin, female connector

D 15-pin, male connector

21 A Pentium MMX CPU provides enhanced _____.

A number crunching capabilities

B cache handling

C multimedia capabilities

D business operations

22 A printer displays skewed margins from left to right. What is the problem?

A The printhead is jammed.

B The printer's bi-directional mode is faulty.

C The paper feed mechanism is faulty.

D The printer cable needs to be replaced.

23 A raster font is stored as a ________.

A bitmap

B mathematical equation

C vector

D compressed file

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24 A Remote Digital Loopback test checks __________.

A the TX/RX lines of the local modem from a remote modem

B the TX/RX lines of both the local and remote modems, as well as the telephone line

C the TX/RX lines of the remote modem, as well as the telephone line

D the TX/RX lines of the remote modem, as well as the telephone line

25 A serial printer is interfaced to a computer through which type of connector?

A 9-pin male D-shell

B 15-pin male D-shell

C 25-pin female D-shell

D 40-pin BERG

26 A touch pad serves which function in a portable computer?

A Pointing device

B Scanning device

C Printing device

D All of the above

27 A Type I PCMCIA card ______.

A is the thinnest at 3.3mm

B cannot be used on the newest laptops

C is 10.5mm thick

D is used with external HDDs

28 A Type I PCMCIA card is _____ thick.

A 3.3 mm

B 5.0 mm

C 7.5 mm

D 10.5 mm

29 A Type II PCMCIA card is _____ thick.

A 3.3 mm

B 5.0 mm

C 7.5 mm

D 10.5 mm

30 A Type III PCMCIA card is _____ thick.

A 3.3 mm

B 5.0 mm

C 7.5 mm

D 10.5 mm

31 A USART conducts data transfers in ______ mode

A parallel asynchronous

B parallel synchronous

C serial synchronous

D serial asynchronous

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32 A valid SCSI-2 ID number would be ______.

A 7

B 10

C 12

D 14

33 A VESA bus transfers data faster than all of the following except the ____ bus.

A PCI 2.1




34 A VGA monitor uses a connector that has ______.

A two rows of pins

B one row of five pins, and one row of six pins

C three rows of pins

D a 25-pin D-shell

35 A VGA or SVGA monitor uses a __________.

A D-shell connector with three rows of pins

B BERG connector with two rows of pins

C pair of RCA plugs

D D-shell connector with two rows of pins

36 A workstation can share its printer. What type of networking is this?

A Client/server network

B Peer-to-peer network

C Star network

D Ring network

37 After installing a new inkjet cartridge, what is the first thing you should do?

A Print a complicated picture.

B Run the printer program.

C Turn the printer off, then back on.

D Reboot the computer.

38 All peripheral devices connected to a computer must have ________.

A an IRQ assignment

B a DMA assignment

C an assigned adapter slot

D an assigned address

39 An _______ type of hard drive is recommended for use with full-motion video, because of its fast access times

associated with them.





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40 An analog loopback test checks _________.

A the telephone system and the RTS/CTS lines of the remote modem

B the telephone system and the TX/RX lines of the remote modem

C the RTS/CTS lines of the local modem

D the TXD/RXD lines of the local modem

41 An ATAPI interface refers to which type of device?

A Printer

B Mass storage unit

C Modem

D Monitor

42 An ATX-type system board supports _______.

A a soft power switch

B a total of 16 expansion slots

C universal expansion slots

D a RAM memory capacity of 256 MB

43 An EISA adapter slot is designed to handle ________.

A 4-bit data transfers

B 8-bit data transfers

C 16-bit data transfers

D 32-bit data transfers

44 An example of a non-impact printer is a ______ printer.

A dot-matrix

B ink-jet

C chain

D band

45 An external connector frequently found on a sound card is a ______.

A 15-pin joystick D-shell

B 25-pin printer D-shell

C 36-pin Centronics

D 40-pin BERG

46 An external modem connects to a computer through a _____ port.

A serial

B parallel


D joystick

47 An IDE hard drive interface that does not contain an enhanced BIOS has a maximum disk partition size of _______.

A 504MB



D 32MB

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48 An improperly configured network interface card could ______.

A prohibit the PC from powering up

B prohibit network access

C damage a sound card

D cause screen flicker

49 An internal SCSI ribbon cable is outfitted with a _______ connector.

A 15-pin

B 40-pin

C 50-pin

D 68-pin

50 An optical CD-ROM disk typically contains ________ of information.

A 420 MB

B 600 MB

C 680 MB

D 1 GB

51 An RJ-45 connector is most commonly used with ________.

A disk drive units

B fiber optic cabling

C coaxial cabling

D unshielded twisted pair cabling

52 An SCSI chain must be terminated at ______.

A the last device in the chain

B the SCSI adapter

C either end

D both ends

53 An SCSI chain requires the use of terminating _______.

A tcapacitators

B resistors

C inductors

D filters

54 An unshielded twisted pair cable has ________.

A four twisted wires inside

B four pairs of twisted wires inside

C two pairs of twisted wires inside

D four sets of four twisted wires inside

55 Another name for "Head-to-Disk Interference" (HDI) is ___________.

A head slap

B head chatter

C head crash

D flying heads

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56 Another name for the VESA bus is the ______.

A V pipe

B VL bus

C Virtual Extension Service Access bus

D Vertical Evolution Sensitive Architecture bus

57 Between two full-speed USB devices, what is the maximum segment length of a USB cable?

A 2 meters

B 3 meters

C 4 meters

D 5 meters

58 Between two low speed USB devices, what is the maximum segment length of a USB cable?

A 2 meters

B 3 meters

C 4 meters

D 5 meters

59 Cache memory is used to ________.

A increase the speed of data access

B increase the size of memory available to programs

C store data in non-volatile memory

D augment the memory used for the operating system kernel

60 Common printhead configurations for a dot-matrix printer include ______.

A 9-pin and 24-pin

B 16-pin and 28-pin

C 7-pin and 11-pin

D 5-pin and 12-pin

61 DEDO memory chips are known for their ______.

A parity checking features

B low cost

C universal compatibility

D speed characteristics

62 Disk drive tracks are composed of ________.

A Sectors

B clusters


D magnetic spots

63 DOS 3.x supports a maximum disk partition of ______.


B 32MB

C 640kB

D 560MB

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64 During startup, the memory of a computer is tested by ________.

A the CPU

B the CMOS setup program

C the POSTs

D the Interrupt Controller

65 Eight-bit sound cards can produce _________ tones.

A 8

B 64

C 256

D 64K

66 For computer bootup purposes, the first set of instructions are stored in the _____.





67 For removing a motherboard with no adapters, screws, or other connections remaining, __________.

A gently slide the board to the right and lift it out of the case

B gently slide the board to disengage the standoffs and lift it out of the case

C gently slide the board to the back and lift it out of the case

D pop the standoffs out of their retainer holes and gently lift the board out of the case

68 How are SCSI devices differentiated from each other?

A Drive letter

B ID numbers

C Jumper settings

D The order in which they are connected on the cable

69 How can you differentiate between an ATA 33 and an ATA 66 IDE cable?

A Cable width

B Number of conductors

C Connector style

D Connector color

70 How can you upgrade an older computer system that uses a non-removable, non-flash ROM BIOS?

A Install a larger hard drive

B Install more RAM

C Change the CPU

D Change the motherboard

71 How do you increase the density of a printout from an Ink Jet printer?

A Adjust it in the printing software.

B Print the page twice.

C Use darker ink.

D Make everything on the page in boldface when typing it.

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72 How does a dot-matrix printer put print on a page?

A It uses small print wires arranged in a matrix.

B It uses dot producing jets.

C It uses a laser jet mechanism.

D It uses a pen and dot mechanism.

73 How is the mobile Pentium processor attached to the system board?

A FCPGA socket

B PGA socket

C PPGA socket

D Tape Carrier Package

74 How many 72-pin SIMMs make up a complete memory bank in a 586 system?

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

75 How many bits wide is the AGP bus?

A 8

B 16

C 32

D 64

76 How many computers are required to implement a true LAN?

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

77 How many data bits are stored in a 72-bit DIMM?

A 16 bits

B 16 bits

C 36 bits

D 64 bits

78 How many devices can be connected to a single EIDE interface?

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

79 How many devices can theoretically be connected to a Universal Serial Bus?

A 32

B 64

C 127

D 255

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80 How many DMA channels are in AT?

A 10

B 9

C 8

D 7

81 How many interrupts are used in XT-compatible systems?

A 4

B 8

C 16

D 32

82 How many IRQ channels are in AT?

A 18

B 17

C 16

D 15

83 How many logical drives can be created using DOS?

A 8

B 23

C 38

D 44

84 How many pins are in a letter quality Dot-Matrix printer?

A 9

B 18

C 24

D 36

85 How many pins does a PCMCIA card have?

A 34

B 68

C 128

D 101

86 How many pins/connectors are found on a standard SDRAM DIMM?

A 168

B 184

C 72

D 30

87 How many possible locations can be specified by a 3-position, 2-pin jumper block?

A 3

B 6

C 8

D 7

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88 How much cache memory is provided for use with Pentium II systems?

A 128 kB/256 kB

B 256 kB

C 512 kB

D 1 MB

89 How much cache memory is provided for use with Pentium Pro processors?

A 128 kB/256 kB

B 256 kB/512 kB

C 512 kB/1MB

D 128 kB/512 kB

90 How wide is the data bus of non-parity SDRAM SIMM?

A 8-bit

B 16-bit

C 32-bit

D 64-bit

91 How would a Windows NT 4.0 machine download a file from a Unix Server?

A At the command prompt, use FTP.

B You can't download files from a Unix server to a Windows NT 4.0 machine.

C At the command prompt, use CPDTP (Cross-Platform Data Transfer Protocol)

D At the command prompt, use Telnet.

92 IC devices for portable systems have what important characteristic?

A High frequency

B Low power consumption

C Low radiation

D Low profile

93 If a 2-pin jumper block on an adapter card is used to represent a binary digit, what is the highest number that

can be represented by a 3-jumper block combination?

A 3

B 5

C 7

D 10

94 If a dot-matrix printer is outputting faint and uneven characters, you should ______.

A change the paper type

B replace the printhead

C replace the ribbon

D exchange the printer for a good one

95 If a dot-matrix printer prints erratically from dark to light, ___________.

A replace the printhead

B replace the platen

C replace the ribbon

D replace the ink jets

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96 If a dot-matrix printer produces a single wide black line across the page, what might be the cause of this


A The printhead positioning motor is defective.

B The paper positioning motor is defective.

C The timing belt has broken.

D The configuration settings are incorrect for the printer.

97 If a floppy disk drive is connected after the twist in the cable, what is it recognized as?

A The A: drive

B Whichever drive that it is configured to be in the BIOS

C The B: drive

D Whichever the jumper setting on the floppy disk drive is set for

98 If a laser printer outputs several pages of paper that are stuck together, ______.

A the paper being used is too thick

B the paper being used is too moist

C the paper being used is the wrong type

D the paper tray is overloaded

99 If a laser printer produces blank pages, what is creating the problem?

A The transfer element


C A bad cartridge

D A bad laser scanning module

100 If a notebook computer shows a black border around the display, _____.

A the driver should be changed

B the battery should be recharged

C an improper screen setting is being used

D the user should use different software

101 If a printer has printed a test page manually, but will not print from the computer, what should be checked?

A Interface cable

B Print sharing

C Ink cartridges

D Power connector

102 If a single SCSI interface can support up to 7 SCSI devices, how many SCSI devices can be installed using 2 SCSI


A 14

B 7

C Zero, because two SCSI interfaces cannot exist in the same system

D 49

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103 If a standalone printer passes the self-test and the user still cannot print, what else could be the cause of

the problem?

A Fuse error

B Laser error

C Pickup roller

D Printer interface

104 If a system already has a laser printer connected to LPT1, and you wish to add an additional color ink jet

printer, what is the next best I/O option?

A Connect the color printer to LPT2.

B Connect the color printer to COM1.

C Connect the color printer to COM2 so that the mouse can remain on OCM1.

D Install a printer switch box so that both printers can use LPT1.

105 If a system contains one master and one slave hard drive, and each drive has been partitioned into two

equal-sized drives, the logical assignment for the primary partition of the slave drive is _____.

A drive C:

B drive D:

C drive E:

D drive F:

106 If no CD (carrier detect) signal is detected with a known good modem, what condition is indicated?

A The computer is defective.

B The data terminal equipment (DTE) is defective.

C The data line is defective.

D The data communication equipment (DCE) is defective.

107 If the CD-ROM and hard drive both stop working after you install a CD-RW drive, what is the cause?

A The cable was installed backward on the CD-ROM drive.

B The CD-ROM drive was not enabled in the CMOS utility.

C The drivers were configured incorrectly.

D The jumper isn't set correctly on the CD-RW drive.

108 If the fuser is improperly installed in a laser printer, what could happen?

A The thermal fuse could open.

B The printer could blow up.

C The printer could jam.

D roller assembly

109 If the memory slots have 30 pins, then the chip is a _____.





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110 If the output of a dot-matrix printer gets lighter as it prints from left to right, the ______ needs to be


A printhead

B platen

C paper

D roller assembly

111 If the page you just sent to a laser printer came out blank and there was no hesitation during printing, what

could be the problem?

A The cable is disconnected.

B The pressure roller is bad.

C The fuser is bad.

D A corona wire is broken.

112 If the top halves of characters are not being printed on a dot-matrix printer, what is the problem?

A The printer is running out of ink.

B The printhead is misaligned with the platen.

C The ink ribbon is bad.

D The ribbon is loaded incorrectly.

113 If you are replacing 30-pin RAM modules, they are called _____.





114 If you have cleared a paper jam from a laser printer, but the printer still indicates that a jam is present,

what action should be taken first?

A Remove the paper tray from the printer.

B Open the top cover to clear any interlock errors.

C Open the unit to check for additional bits of paper that may have been left behind.

D Press the "Clear" button to reset the machine.

115 If you put a boot disk into drive A: and the computer boots to drive C: instead, what could be the cause?

A You must first hit ESC to be able to boot to the floppy drive.

B The floppy drive is configured as a slave drive.

C The boot sequence isn't set to boot to drive A: first in the BIOS.

D The disk doesn't have the correct version of DOS.

116 In a client/server network, __________.

A at least one unit is reserved just to serve the other units

B at least one unit depends on the other units for its information

C each unit has its own information, and can serve as either client or server

D each unit handles some information for the network

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117 In a full-duplex data circuit, the direction of travel is _______.

A both directions, but not simultaneously

B both directions, simultaneously

C both directions, sequentially

D one direction only

118 In a laser printer, a positive charge on the transfer corona wire causes ______.

A the positive image to appear on the print drum

B the toner to be transferred from the drum to the paper

C the excess toner to be dislodged from the drum after printing

D the negative image to appear on the print drum

119 In a laser printer, a thermal fuse is used to prevent ______.

A heat sink failure

B a fuser from overheating

C a high-voltage power supply from overheating

D a low-voltage power supply from overheating

120 In a Pentium computer, a 34-pin ribbon cable is used to interface a _____ to the system.

A floppy drive

B hard drive

C monitor

D scanner

121 In a Token Ring network, the token is passed _______.

A counterclockwise

B to the left

C across

D clockwise

122 In an inkjet printer the ink is directed to the page by ______.

A air pressure

B gravity

C the printhead

D electromagnetic plates

123 In an ISA bus, what size is the Data bus?

A 16-bit

B 32-bit

C 8-bit

D 64-bit

124 In DOS, a typical hard drive sector is ______ bytes long.

A 256

B 512

C 1024

D 2048

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125 In which I/O method does the microprocessor alert a designated peripheral by applying its address to the bus?

A Polling

B Programmed I/O

C Interrupt-driven I/O


126 In which I/O method does the microprocessor examine the status of the peripheral under program control?

A Polling

B Programmed I/O

C Interrupt-driven I/O


127 In Windows 95, if one DOS application prints fine while another does not, _______.

A check the print settings in the malfunctioning application

B print the job using the DOS application that works

C use only applications that are written for Windows 95 to do printing

D select a printer that will work with both DOS programs

128 Internet Service Providers ________.

A install modems

B provide Internet addresses

C install cable

D create Internet browsers

129 It is possible to plug an ISA card into which slots?



C MCA, VL, and PCI


130 LCD construction has how many layers?

A 6

B 7

C 8

D 9

131 Lithium batteries removed from system boards should be _________.

A recharged and kept for future use

B returned to the manufacturer for remanufacturing

C sent to an approved recycling center

D discarded in the public refuse

132 Lithium batteries should not be used in other types of systems because they ______.

A could experience a shortened lifespan

B won't work

C could blow up in NiCad systems

D cause low-voltage operation

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133 Monitor fading occurs because ______.

A electron guns stop emitting

B phosphor coatings wear away

C brightness controls go bad

D user eyesight gradually grows worse

134 MSCDEX.EXE assigns a logical drive letter to _____.

A a CD-ROM drive

B the primary active partition

C an extended partition

D the floppy drive

135 NIC stands for ______.

A Non-Interleaved Capacity

B Network Interface Card

C National Internet Community

D Numerical Internal Coprocessor

136 Non-volatile data that is stored on a computer chip is known as _____.

A Software

B hardware

C firmware

D chipware

137 Notebook computers do not have ______.

A RAM memory

B power connections

C floppy drives

D ISA expansion slots

138 On a parallel-type printer, the connector on the printer is a ________.

A BERG connector

B 25-pin, female D-shell connector

C 9-pin, male D-shell connector

D 36-pin, Centronics connector

139 On a Pentium motherboard, how many 32-bit SIMMs does it take to make up one memory bank?

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

140 One advantage offered by the EIDE interface is _______.

A the ability to connect 4 HDDs in a row

B compatibility with SCSI devices

C compatibility with the ATAPI interface

D the ability to connect 4 printers in a row

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141 Paper jams are most likely to occur in which laser-jet operation?

A Paper pickup

B Cooling

C Fusing

D Registration

142 Paper weight is specified in terms of ________.

A pounds

B pounds per 8.5"x11" sheets

C pounds per 17"x22.5"sheets

D pounds per 11"x17" sheets

143 PC-compatibles use a ______ connector for the VGA video function.

A 9-pin, female

B 15-pin, male

C 15-pin, female

D 25-pin, male

144 Pentium III can be used in _____.

A Socket 7

B Socket 370

C Slot A

D Socket 7

145 Replacing the power supply requires that you also _____.

A reset the CMOS

B reinstall Windows

C match the P8 and P9 PS connectors to the P1 and P2 motherboard connectors, respectively

D replace the power cord

146 SCSI-2 ports use _______.

A a 34-pin external interface

B a 40-pin external interface

C a 50-pin internal interface

D a 68-pin internal interface

147 Some PDAs use which OS?

A Windows 95

B Windows 98

C Windows CE

D Windows ME

148 TFT is usually associated with which type of display?

A Passive Matrix


C Active Matrix

D LED display

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149 The 586 CPU operates using voltages of ______.

A 3.3 Vdc

B 5.0 Vdc

C 12 Vdc

D 15.5 Vdc

150 The address reserved for a COM1 port is ______.

A 2E8

B 3E8

C 2F8

D 3F8

151 The address reserved for a COM2 port is ______.

A 2E8

B 3E8

C 2F8

D 3F8

152 The address reserved for a COM3 port is ______.

A 2E8

B 3E8

C 2F8

D 3F8

153 The address reserved for a COM4 port is ______.

A 2E8

B 3E8

C 2F8

D 3F8

154 The advantage of vector-based fonts over bit-mapped fonts is that ________.

A vector-based fonts require less storage space than bit-mapped fonts

B vector-based fonts can be scaled and rotated, while bit-mapped fonts cannot

C vector-based fonts load from the hard drive much quicker than bit-mapped fonts

D vector-based fonts load into the printer much faster than bit-mapped fonts

155 The best method of cleaning stray toner from the inside of a laser printer is to ________.

A vacuum it out

B wash it out with a water/fabric softener solution

C wipe it out with a damp clotspray it out with compressed air

D DWhat solution is recommended for use in cleaning the rubber rollers in a laser printer?

156 The best way to ensure good resolution when using an ink-jet printer is to _____.

A use the best quality paper available

B use fresh ink cartridges

C use only the black color function to print

D use high resolution cartridges

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157 The BIOS stores information about all of the following except the ______.


B COM ports

C LPT ports

D modem

158 The COM port connectors on a PC are usually ______.

A 5-pin DINS

B 15-pin female D-shells

C 9-pin male D-shells

D 25-pin female D-shells

159 The definition of the RTS pin in an RS-232 modem connection is ______.

A Return To Sender

B Request To Survey data

C Reverse The Series

D Ready To Send

160 The DOS command ____ is used to establish partitions on a hard drive.





161 The drive specifier for the primary partition on a secondary hard drive is _______.





162 The drive specifiers for floppy disk drives are determined by the ____.

A on-drive jumper settings

B position the drive occupies in the case's drive bay

C position on the signal cable of the drive's connector

D motherboard jumper settings

163 The driver normally associated with a CD-ROM drive is ________.





164 The fastest access times are achieved with the use of _____.


B an HDD


D an FDD

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165 The fastest bus for data transfer is the _____ bus.





166 The fastest HDD interfaces are _____.





167 The first item to check when a laser printer produces blank pages is ________.

A the fuser assembly

B the toner cartridge

C the transfer corona

D the conditioning roller

168 The flow of operations in a laser printer can be summarized as:

A Condition, clean, transfer, fuse

B Condition, transfer, fuse

C Clean, condition, transfer, fuse

D Clean, condition, write, develop, fuse

169 The IRQ0 channel is _______.

A used by the system's time-of-day clock and cannot be used for other devices

B used by the keyboard and cannot be used for other devices

C used by the floppy disk drive and cannot be used for other devices

D open and can be used for any device requiring an IRQ channel

170 The IRQ1 channel is used _______ and cannot be used for other devices.

A for the system's internal time-of-day clock

B by the system's keyboard receiver

C by the floppy disk drive

D by the printer for LPT1

171 The largest disk partition allowed under DOS 6.x is _____.

A 500MB



D 32MB

172 The LCD display on a portable computer is powered by:

A Low voltage AC

B High voltage AC

C Low voltage DC

D High Voltage DC

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173 The main advantage of a parallel printer is its ______.

A small size

B print quality

C ruggedness

D printing speed

174 The main responsibility of a modem is to ______.

A convert between digital and analog signal formats

B initiate a communication session

C carry on an electronic conversation with another modem

D force a remote system to match its speed capabilities

175 The maximum cable length for a fast SCSI-2 chain is _______.

A 10 feet

B 15 feet

C 18 feet

D 25 feet

176 The maximum length of a 10Base2 Ethernet network segment is ______.

A 15 meters

B 185 meters

C 520 meters

D 1050 meters

177 The maximum number of active pins on a serial cable is ______.

A 9

B 15

C 20

D 40

178 The maximum number of components that can be connected on a SCSI bus is ____.

A 7

B 8

C 15

D 16

179 The maximum recommended cable length of a complete SCSI chain is ___ feet.

A 5

B 3

C 15

D 1

180 The maximum segment length of a 10Base5 network connection is ____.

A 15 meters

B 185 meters

C 500 meters

D 1000 meters

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181 The maximum video resolution possible is determined by the type of monitor and the ______.

A amount of extended RAM installed

B amount of cache memory installed

C amount of video RAM installed

D size of the monitor's screen

182 The microprocessor uses the available system RAM to ______.

A add numbers together

B store programs and data

C decode program instructions

D perform addressing functions

183 The most current type of portable PC is referred to as a _____.

A Notebook Computer

B Laptop Computer

C Luggable Computer


184 The network printer is turned on and you send it a print job, but it does not print. What is the probable cause?

A The printer is offline.


C The printer is in power saving mode.

D The ink cartridge is damaged.

185 The normal size for a hard drive sector is ______.

A 512 Bytes

B 640 Bytes

C 512 kB

D 640 kB

186 The Pentium Pro CPU can operate at speeds of ______.

A 66 MHz and 133 MHz

B 166 MHz and 200 MHz

C 333 MHz and 400 MHz

187 The primary corona (conditioning roller) of a laser-jet printer _________.

A transfers toner to the paper

B applies a uniform negative charge to the drum

C presses toner into the paper

D transfers characters to the paper

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188 The purpose of the D-to-A Converters (DACs) in the video controller is ________.

A to change the digital codes from the computer into dot patterns that can be applied to the monitor

B to change the addresses received from the system into the digital red, green, and blue signals

C to change the addresses from the system into color palette addresses

D to change the digital color values from the video controller into analog signals that can drive the


189 The resolution for a video adapter operating in native VGA mode is ____.

A 350 x 468

B 640 x 480

C 800 x 600

D 1024 x 768

190 The second thing to check when a laser printer produces blank pages is ________.

A the fuser assembly

B the toner cartridge

C the transfer corona

D the conditioning roller

191 The second thing to do after installing a new SCSI hard drive in a system is to __________.

A low-level format it

B load DOS on it

C partition it

D run SETUP to configure the drive

192 The six printing stages for a laser printer, in order, are _______.

A clean, write, condition, transfer, fuse and develop

B clean, condition, write, develop, transfer and fuse

C condition, write, develop, transfer, fuse and clean

D condition, clean, write, transfer, develop and fuse

193 The system's time and date information can be found in the ______.





194 The system's time and date information is stored in the ______.

A System RAM


C Real-Time Clock Registers

D CMOS Setup

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195 The term RAID stands for __________.

A Random Access Identification Devices

B Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

C Rapid Access Input Device

D Resistance Activated Incidence Data

196 The type of connectors usually associated with Audio-in and Audio-out ports are ________.

A 25-pin, D-shells

B RCA plugs and jacks

C RJ-11 jacks and plugs

D 15-pin, D-shells

197 The various levels of cache available with a Pentium Pro are _______.

A L2 and L3

B L1 and L2

C L1, L2 and L3

D L1, L2, L3 and L4

198 There are ______ levels of RAID technology defined by the RAID advisory board.

A 2

B 5

C 7

D 9

199 To be able to interrupt the CPU's activities, a device must use _______.

A shadow RAM

B patience

C the DMA controller

D an IRQ

200 To be able to work with a microprocessor, what must a device have?

A Internal RAM

B A floppy drive

C A serial port

D An I/O address

201 To clean the rollers in a laser printer you should use ______.

A acetone

B denatured alcohol

C soap and water

D Pine Sol

202 To support an unrecognized peripheral in Windows 95, you should ________.

A load a closely related driver from the list of those available

B select a printer that Windows 95 does recognize instead

C select a driver from the manufacturer's disk to Install

D call Microsoft and complain about the situation

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203 To upgrade a computer that uses a socketed, non-reprogramable ROM BIOS, you must _________.

A upgrade the CPU

B install faster RAM

C buy a larger monitor

D change the ROM BIOS IC

204 Tracks on a diskette are made up of _____.

A Grooves

B sectors

C cylinders


205 Tractor feeds are most commonly found on ________ printers.

A chain

B ink-jet

C laser

D dot-matrix

206 Typical computer clock speeds are specified in _______.

A Megahertz (MHz)

B Kilohertz (kHz)

C Nanohertz (nHz)

D Hertz (Hz)

207 Typically, the first test to perform when a printer won't print is the ______ test.

A cable

B self

C loopback

D configuration

208 USB can supply power to its devices through which of the following wires?

A D+

B Vbus

C D-


209 What are the active signal contacts in a USB connector?

A 1 and 2

B 2 and 3

C 3 and 4

D 1 and 4

210 What are the advantages of having a client/server network?

A Centralized administration

B Unlimited access to all files in the network for connected nodes

C Everyone shares the same login password.

D Shared printers

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211 What are the priority assignments given to SCSI devices?

A 0=highest priority, 15=lowest

B 0=lowest priority, 15=highest

C 1=lowest priority, 14=highest

D 1=highest priority, 14=lowest

212 What are the SCSI ID numbers that can be specified by a 3-position, 2-pin jumper block?

A 0-8

B 37265

C 37264

D 0-7

213 What are the typical sizes of the L2 cache for Pentium MMX processors?

A 128 kB and 256 kB

B 256 kB and 512 kB

C 512 kB and 1 MB

D 128 kB and 512 kB

214 What AT command is used to reset a modem?





215 What can be put in Slot A?

A Pentium II

B Pentium III

C Cyrux

D AMD Athlon

216 What causes the printout from a dot-matrix printer to get lighter from left to right?

A Misalignment between the platen and printhead

B Bad printhead

C Bad ribbon

D Bad toner cartridge

217 What does .28-dot pitch mean?

A The dots are .28cm apart.

B The dots are .28mm apart.

C The dots are .28in wide.

D The dots are .28nm apart.

218 What does a device use to interrupt the microprocessor?

A Drivers


C I/O address

D Page request

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219 What does ATAPI technology allow you to do?

A It permits the plugging of CD-ROMs and tape drives into ordinary IDE connectors.

B It permits the linking of up to four hard drives.

C It permits the operation of a tape drive with random-access read capabilities.

D It permits the downloading of full-length motion pictures from a TV cable box.

220 What does ECC RAM do?

A ECC RAM detects memory errors and corrects them.

B ECC RAM stores system configuration settings.

C ECC RAM stores cached data.

D ECC RAM runs at twice the bus speed.

221 What does the fuser do in a laser printer?

A It transfers the image from the drum to the paper.

B It melts toner to the paper.

C It transfers image to the drum.

D It cleans the drum.

222 What HDD information is not stored in the CMOS memory?

A Number of sectors

B Number of cylinders

C Number of heads

D Data transfer rate

223 What IRQ does the Real Time Clock use?

A 8

B 5

C 15

D 10

224 What is an onboard 25-pin female port on an ATX board used for?

A Parallel port

B Video card

C Hard drive

D Mouse

225 What is not an important consideration when selecting a hard disk drive for a specific application?

A Access time

B Seek time

C Capacity

D Number of Heads

226 What is standard VGA resolution?

A 720 x 480

B 800 x 600

C 640 x 480

D 1024 x 768

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227 What is the address of the primary IDE controller?

A 170

B 168

C 1f0

D 2f0

228 What is the address of the secondary IDE controller?

A 170

B 168

C 1f0

D 2f0

229 What is the advantage of ATX over AT?

A 200 MHz PCI bus

B Closer board components

C Soft power switch

D More RAM slots

230 What is the BIOS memory address range for the video controller?

A C0000-C7FFF


C D0000-D7FFF

D D8000-D8FFF

231 What is the difference between AT and ATX power supplies?

A ATX requires 240Vac.

B ATX is controlled by the motherboard BIOS.

C ATX requires more power.

D AT is better.

232 What is the difference between EDO DRAM and Fast Page Mode DRAM?

A EDO DRAM is an advanced version of Fast Page Mode DRAM.

B Fast Page Mode DRAM is an advanced version of EDO DRAM.

C The memory access of EDO DRAM is acomplished in two cycles rather than three.

D The memory access of Fast Page Mode DRAM is accomplished in one cycle rather than two.

233 What is the first thing that should be done prior to flashing a BIOS?

A Write down all settings.

B Back up hard drive.

C Make a backup of the BIOS on a floppy disk.

D Reboot the computer.

234 What is the IRQ for a floppy disk drive controller?





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235 What is the IRQ for COM1?





236 What is the IRQ for LPT1?





237 What is the main difference between a Pentium II and a Pentium III processor?

A Slot Pin Configuration

B The size of the processor

C The Pentium III needs special fans to stay cool.

D L2 cache size

238 What is the main difference between USB and IEEE1394?

A IEEE1394 can be hot swapped

B Speed

C IEEE1394 cable is bigger

D USB cable is bigger

239 What is the main printed circuit board in a laser printer called?

A DC logic board

B Control board

C Planar board

D Printer board

240 What is the maximum cable length for a single SCSI segment?

A 1 meter

B 2 meters

C 3 meters

D 4 meters

241 What is the maximum data transfer rate for Ultra DMA?

A 8 MB/sec

B 16 MB/sec

C 33 MB/sec

D 66 MB/sec

242 What is the maximum number of devices that can be connected to an SCSI chain?

A 4

B 7

C 8

D 14

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243 What is the maximum number of devices that can be supported by a Wide/Fast SCSI controller?

A 7

B 8

C 12

D 15

244 What is the maximum segment length of 100BaseT?

A 100 Meters

B 1000 meters

C 50 meters

D 2000 meters

245 What is the most important choice when getting a replacement mouse?

A Connector type

B Color

C Number of buttons

D Cable lengtB

246 What is the most likely action indicated by light printout of a dot-matrix type of printer?

A Printhead misalignment

B Worn platen

C Spent ribbon

D Incorrect printer setup

247 What is the order of operation of a laser printer?

A Conditioning, cleaning, writing, developing, fusing, transferring

B Cleaning, conditioning, writing, developing, transferring, fusing

C Writing, conditioning, cleaning, developing, transferring, fusing

D Conditioning, cleaning, writing, developing, transferring, fusing

248 What is the primary source of data input to a PDA?

A Keyboard

B Stylus

C Mouse


249 What is the primary user interface for Windows 95?

A The monitor

B The desktop GUI

C The command prompt

D The keyboard

250 What is the proper order for preparing a hard disk drive for use in Windows 9x?

A Partition, reboot, format

B Partition, format, reboot

C Reboot, partition, reboot, format

D Format, reboot, partition, reboot

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251 What is the purpose of Parity?

A Detecting memory errors

B Removing bad sectors

C Deleting files

D Detecting OS problems

252 What is the rule for AT power connections?

A Red to Orange

B Red to Red

C Red to Black

D Black to Black

253 What is the speed of the ISA bus?

A 16 MHz

B 33 MHz

C 8.33 MHz

D 4.77 MHz

254 What is true about PCI slots?

A They are 32-bit.

B They are longer than ISA slots.

C They operate at 16 MHz.

D They are 16-bit.

255 What is true of peer-to-peer networking?

A Nodes act only as clients.

B Nodes act only as servers.

C Nodes act as both clients and servers.

D Nodes act as either clients or servers.

256 What item in your CMOS settings can prevent you from upgrading your operating system?

A Hard disk drive type.

B USB support is disabled.

C The Virus Warning function is enabled.

D The Auto Detect Hard drive function is enabled.

257 What item needs to be checked on an external CD-ROM drive that is not normally checked on an internal drive?

A The power supply

B The signal cable

C The disk drive controller

D The hard drive

258 What makes a floppy disk drive the A: drive?

A The jumper setting on a floppy disk drive determines what drive letter the floppy disk drive is.

B A setting in the BIOS determines what drive letter the floppy disk drive is.

C When the floppy disk drive is connected to the connector at the end of the cable.

D The jumper setting next to the floppy I/O port on the motherboard determines the drive letter.

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259 What must be done to delete the extended partition containing logical drives E and F?

A Format drive E and delete drive F.

B Format the extended partition.

C Delete drives E and F.

D Format drives E and F.

260 What must occur in order for a PC Card (PCMCIA) to work properly?

A TCP/IP must be disabled

B COM3 must be disabled

C A jumper must be set on the motherboard

D The system's PC Card enablers must be loaded

261 What must you observe when upgrading a power supply?

A Current

B Wattage

C Voltage

D Resistance

262 What options can be set in CMOS for an IDE hard drive?

A Hard disk type

B Seek time uration

C Drive letter

D Partitions

263 What part of an inkjet printer puts ink on a page?

A Primary Corona

B Power Board

C Printhead Assembly

D Sensor Assembly

264 What part of the URL is designated by suffixes such as .com, .gov, .mil, and .edu?

A Host name

B Top-level domain

C Domain


265 What parts are considered consumable in a Dot-Matrix printer?

A Ribbon and paper

B Timing belt

C Roller

D Toner cartridge

266 What prevents ink from leaking out of an inkjet when it is not printing?

A Electrical current

B Closed valve

C Hydraulic pressure

D Surface tension_

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267 What programming language is used to create all Internet Web pages?

A C++



D Java

268 What protocol is required for internet access?





269 What protocol is typically used to transfer large files over a remote network connection?





270 What protocol traditionally is used to download a file from the Interent?





271 What secondary consideration is called for when replacing an EDSI hard drive with an IDE hard drive?

A The new drive must be low-level-formatted to fit the new standard.

B The new drive type must be established in CMOS.

C The new drive will require an IDE interface card to be installed.

D Additional RAM must be installed to handle the additional data that will be transferred by the new


272 What should be checked when replacing a system board in a notebook computer?

A Manufacturer and model number

B The speed of the bus

C Hard drive size

D Chipset on the board

273 What should the system board speed be set at for a Pentium 200 microprocessor?

A 200 MHz

B 66 MHz

C 60 MHz

D 50 MHz

274 What should you not do when you get the message "Low Drive Space"?

A Defragment the hard drive.

B Get a bigger hard drive.

C Add more RAM.

D Remove some files from the HDD immediately.

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275 What type of bus is similar to IEEE-1394?


B Serial


D Parallel

276 What type of cable is specified for 100BaseTX?

A Cat5

B Cat6

C Cat3

D Cat2

277 What type of cable is used for 10Base2?

A Thicknet coaxial

B Fiber-Optic cable

C Twisted pair

D Thinnet coaxial cable

278 What type of card is an SCSI adapter? '

A Video adapter

B I/O controller

C Sound adapter

D Network adapter

279 What type of computer words would be used to represent a string of alphanumeric characters to be displayed on a


A Instruction words

B ASCII-coded data words

C Binary data words

D Hexadecimal data words

280 What type of CPU fits into a Type 7 ZIF socket?

A 486

B Pentium

C Pentium Pro

D Pentium II

281 What type of device does a three-row 15-pin connector connect to a computer system?

A Joystick

B Mouse

C Printer

D Monitor

282 What type of interface is used to support an external CD-ROM?


B RS232C



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283 What type of network cards would have an ST or SC connector?

A Infrared

B 10baseT

C Fiber

D Wireless

284 What type of physical topology is 10base2 used in?

A Token Ring

B Star

C Mesh

D Bus

285 What type of printer delivers ink to the page by applying power to an electromagnet, which in turn forces a wire

to strike an inked ribbon?

A A laser printer

B A drum printer

C An ink-jet printer

D A dot-matrix printer

286 What type of printer is required for multipart forms?

A Friction feed

B Single-sheet feeder

C Platen pin-feed

D Tractor feed

287 What type of protocol is normally used to access a WWW server?





288 What type of system board uses a 5-pin DIN?

A Laptop



D PS/2

289 What type of URL component is http://?

A Host

B Domain

C Protocol

D Document

290 What upgrade activity might require the ROM BIOS to be flashed?

A Peripherals

B Monitor



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291 What will a "hard" memory error create?

A Fatal Exception Error

B A bad disk partition

C A corrupt Windows operation system

D A Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) error

292 What will cause an Ink-Jet printer to produce wavy graphics?

A Bad print feed rollers

B Partially clogged ink jet

C Low ink

D Mismatched ink cartridge

293 What would be plugged into an AGP slot?

A Monitor

B Video Card


D Sound Card

294 What would cause the BIOS to see a Pentium III 500MHz processor as only 400MHz?

A The CPU is only inserted half into the socket.

B The chip settings are incorrect.

C The BIOS needs to be updated.

D The BIOS needs to be told what processor is being used.

295 What's the first thing that happens in Startup?

A BIOS functions

B POST functions

C Windows bootup

D Restore configuration

296 When a computer boots up, the first set of instructions it receives is stored in _____.

A the CMOS memory

B the ROM BIOS chip


D the CPU

297 When a dot-matrix printer's output displays are missing tops of characters, ________.

A the printhead is misaligned

B the ribbon needs replacing

C the platen needs to be adjusted

D try using a different driver

298 When a microprocessor receives an interrupt request, it stops what it is doing _______.

A and goes into a high impedance state

B so that the interrupting device can access the system buses

C and allows the interrupt controller to service the interrupting device

D and services the interrupting device

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299 When a new card is installed in the system, what does the PnP function do?

A It checks to see which resources are needed and what is available and assigns system resources as


B It assigns the next available IRQ and I/O address.

C It assigns a DMA interrupt to the device.

D It handles interrupt requests from the device.

300 When connecting a parallel printer to the cable, use a _______.

A 34-pin SCSI connector

B 40-pin BERG connector

C 36-pin Centronics connector

D 25-pin D-shell connector

301 When installing a CD-ROM drive into a system with two hard drives already installed on the primary controller,

how do you configure it using the secondary controller?

A Configure the CD-ROM as a slave.

B Configure the CD-ROM as a master or single drive.

C Configure the CD-ROM as disabled.

D Configure the CD-ROM as enabled.

302 When installing a ribbon cable, the red stripe should point to ________.

A pin #1

B pin #34

C pin #40

D pin #2

303 When installing a sound card on a system already using three IDE drives, how should you configure the card's IDE


A Use IRQ 6

B Use IRQ 9

C Disable it

D Configure it as a slave

304 When installing an IDE drive in a system, which of the following jumper settings do not apply?

A Single

B Slave

C Master

D Terminal

305 When installing SCSI devices in a system, which device or devices should be terminated?

A All SCSI devices must be terminated.

B Only the first SCSI device needs to be terminated.

C Only the last SCSI device needs to be terminated.

D SCSI devices do not require termination because they are bus level devices.

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306 When looking in FDISK at the partition table of a hard drive with two partitions formatted by Windows 9x, what

partitions will be displayed?

A Primary DOS partition and Secondary DOS partition

B Logical DOS partition and Primary DOS drive

C Primary DOS partition and Expanded DOS partition

D Primary DOS partition and Extended DOS partition

307 When removing a motherboard from a computer, you should first ______.

A slide the board forward

B remove the outer case

C remove all external I/O systems

D remove any screws holding the board to the case

308 When replacing a motherboard, which of the following steps should be performed after the outer case has been


A slide the board forward

B slide the board backward

C remove the adapter cards and other MB connections

D remove any screws holding the board to the case

309 When replacing the CPU on the motherboard, the most important concern is _______.

A matching the speed rating of the previous CPU

B orienting the new CPU into its socket correctly

C attaching the heat sink device properly

D guarding against ESD while touching the CPU

310 When software is stored in non-volatile memory chips, it is called ______.

A Shareware

B hardware

C vaporware

D firmware

311 When two external SCSI drives are added to a unit, ________.

A the second drive is connected to the HDD connection of the first drive

B the first drive is connected to the SCSI connection of the second drive

C the second drive is connected to the SCSI connection of the first drive

D the first drive is connected to the HDD connection of the second drive

312 When upgrading the BIOS, what is the most important consideration?

A Erasing the existing ROM BIOS

B Writing the new ROM BIOS

C Getting an older version

D Getting the latest version

313 Where is the heat sink mounted in the mobile Pentium processor?

A Above the processor

B On the sides of the processor

C Below the processor

D Inside the processor

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314 Which are legitimate names for motherboards?

A Circuit boards

B Computer boards

C System boards

D Planar boards

315 Which bus standard provides a 124-pin interface at a speed of 132 Mbytes/sec?





316 Which character font type is defined as a set of lines with specified start and stop points?

A True Type fonts

B Vector fonts

C Dot-Matrix fonts

D Encapsulated Postscript fonts

317 Which component in a laser printer is responsible for applying and melting toner particles to the paper?

A The fuser assembly

B The transfer corona

C The photosensitive drum

D The laser diode

318 Which component of a laser printer transfers toner to the paper?

A The drum

B The corona wire

C The fuser assembly

D The platen

319 Which components use WRAM?

A Video cards

B Sound cards

C Network interface cards

D Modems

320 Which connector is not used with network cables?


B RJ-45



321 Which device connects two network segments while directing data toward the appropriate IP address?

A Router

B Bridge

C Brouter


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322 Which device normally uses IRQ7?

A A laser printer

B A modem

C A floppy disk drive

D A hard disk drive

323 Which file must be present on the startup disk to allow access to CD-ROM drives?





324 Which hard disk drives have been developed especially for the use in portable computers?

A 2.5"

B 3.5"

C 4.0"

D 5.25"

325 Which interrupt is cascaded with IRQ2?





326 Which interrupt request channels are available for use through the ISA bus?

A IRQ 0-15

B IRQ 0-7, 14-15

C IRQ 3-7, 9-12, 14-15

D IRQ 1-4, 9-11

327 Which IRQ cannot be used by a serial device?





328 Which IRQ is the default assignment for the printer attached to LPT1?




D IRQ 13

329 Which is not a common pin configuration for a Dot-Matrix printhead?

A 9-pin

B 12-pin

C 18-pin

D 24-pin

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330 Which is the biggest drawback in portable system design?

A Screen Size

B Input Device Selection

C Software Compatibility

D Heat Buildup

331 Which memory package uses a 168-pin slot or socket?





332 Which microprocessor doesn't fit in the same socket as the others?

A Pentium II

B Pentium MMX

C K5

D K6

333 Which microprocessor works on a 66 MHz bus?

A Pentium 75

B Pentium II

C Pentium III

D Athlon

334 Which Networking type is NOT capable of Full Duplex?


B Parallel

C Serial

D IEEE1394

335 Which of the following are used by a device to signal the microprocessor for services?



C Stop code


336 Which of the following can be changed by software?

A Memory

B Microprocessor

C Chipset


337 Which of the following can use Slot 1?

A Pentium 133

B Pentium 233

C Pentium II 300

D AMD Athlon

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338 Which of the following combinations is correct?

A IRQ1 is the default for COM1 and COM2.

B IRQ3 is the default for COM4 and COM3.

C IRQ4 is the default for COM1 and COM3.

D IRQ4 is the default for COM2 and COM4.

339 Which of the following constitutes a valid bootup sequence?

A POST, initialization, bootup

B initialization, bootup, POST

C bootup, POST, intializaiton

D initializaion, POST, bootup

340 Which of the following devices is connected to a parallel port?

A Keyboard

B Mouse

C Joystick

D Scanner

341 Which of the following devices uses a DMS channel?

A A modem

B A sound card

C A laser printer

D A TV tuner

342 Which of the following does not use TCP/IP?

A Novell

B Dial-up

C Token Ring

D Ethernet

343 Which of the following interfaces uses a 50-pin cable?

A An internal SCSI interface

B An EIDE interface

C A VESA bus

D An LPT port

344 Which of the following is an impact printer?

A Inkjet

B Laser

C Dot-Matrix

D Bubble Jet

345 Which of the following is not a consideration when replacing disk drives in a portable?

A Drive capacity

B Physical size

C Layout

D Power consumption

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346 Which of the following is not a part of a modern laser printer's toner cartridge.

A The corona wire

B The drum assembly

C The charging roller

D The developing roller

347 Which of the following is not a power consumption mode?

A Standby

B Suspend

C Restore

D Hibernate

348 Which of the following is not a typical function of an ISP?

A Provide and maintain POP3 and SMTP servers.

B Provide and maintain USENET archive servers.

C Provide and maintain DNS servers.

D Provide and maintain a phone, cable or satellite connection to the Internet.

349 Which of the following is not a valid network?





350 Which of the following is not a valid SCSI connector?

A 25-pin DB

B 15-pin Centronics

C 50-pin Centronics

D 68-pin connector

351 Which of the following is not an accepted method of connecting printers to a PC?

A An RS-232 serial connection

B A Centronics parallel connection

C An SCSI bus connection

D An ESDI bus connection

352 Which of the following is not an advantage of using TCP/IP as your network protocol?

A No one owns the rights to it.

B It provides encrypted data transmission.

C It can service networks that include a wide variety of computer types.

D It is very resistant to hacking.

353 Which of the following is not located in the BIOS?

A Hardware configuration information

B RAM-checking routine

C Startup functions

D Master Boot Record

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354 Which of the following is the fastest bus?


B Firewire



355 Which of the following is the fastest component in a computer system?



C Local Bus


356 Which of the following is the newest printer interface?

A Infrared (IrDA)




357 Which of the following is true of laser printers?

A Laser printers should not be used with print sharing devices.

B Laser printers should not be used as network printers.

C Laser printers should not be used as local printers.

D Laser printers should not be used as graphics printers.

358 Which of the following protocols was designed to be used with a Novell network?





359 Which of the following RAID configurations uses a more effective error-checking scheme called XOR or "eXclusive






360 Which of the following types of connectors is found on parallel printer cables?

A 50-pin D-shell

B 36-pin centronics

C 36-pin D-shell

D 40-pin D-shell

361 Which of the following will not cause a paper jam?

A A faulty separator

B Scanning a document

C Overloading the paper tray

D Paper that is too thick

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362 Which of these devices is not supported by SCSI?

A Hard disk drives

B CD-ROM drives

C Scanners

D Floppy disk drives

363 Which of these is not a bus that is contained on a Modem system board?





364 Which of these is not a type of RAM module?





365 Which of these is not a way to identify a networked printer?

A Check the type of cable.

B Check the details in the printer's properties.

C Check the make and model.

D Check the printers folder and see if there's a shared symbol on that printer.

366 Which of these items is in a laser cartridge?

A Heat roller

B Corona wire

C Fuser unit

D Cleaning pad

367 Which of these items is supported by BIOS?

A IDE driver

B Mouse

C Printer

D Scanner

368 Which option is not true concerning SCSI controller identifiers?

A Identifier 1 is reserved for the controller.

B Identifier 0 is reserved for the first (primary) hard drive.

C Identifier 1 or 2 should be used for a CD-ROM drive.

D Identifier 7 is reserved for the controller.

369 Which parallel port type has the highest throughput?





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370 Which part of the BIOS was responsible for implementing PnP?


B IRQ resources

C Standard CMOS

D Advanced BIOS features

371 Which PCMCIA slot supports a hard drive?

A Type I

B Type II

C Type III

D Type II and Type III

372 Which printer type uses a piezo-electric crystal to force ink through a nozzle?

A A laser printer

B An ink-nozzle printer

C An ink-jet printer

D A drum printer

373 Which protocol is used to set the IP address?





374 Which RAID configuration below is known as the "Striped Set Without Parity"?





375 Which RAID configuration improves a previous data chunk size by storing data in entire files on each drive?





376 Which RAID configuration is known as "Disk Mirroring"?





377 Which RAID configuration uses an error checking system that uses between 3 and 7 drives for error-correction






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378 Which specification can be classified as a BUS topology?

A Ethernet

B Arcnet

C Token Ring

D Fiber Link

379 Which system can be classified as a RING topology?

A Ethernet

B Arcnet

C Token Ring

D Fiber Link

380 Which term does not correctly describe a dot of information produced by a color monitor?


B Pixel

C Triad

D Picture element

381 Which type of Microprocessor uses a PLCC IC case?

A The Pentium

B The 80286

C The 80386

D The 80486

382 Which type of network only lets its clients transmit data when they have a turn?

A Ethernet

B Token Ring

C Arcnet

D Fiber-Optic

383 Which type of PC Card (PCMCIA) slot will facilitate the insertion of a hard drive?

A Type I

B Type II

C Type III

D Type IV

384 Which video standard is superior to the others listed?





385 Why are ZIF sockets used on system boards?

A Lower cost

B Faster

C Easy to upgrade

D Industry standard

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386 Why does fiber-optic cable have a high degree of data security, as far as data communications are concerned?

A It does not radiate signal information.

B It does not tap easily.

C It loses signal strength when it is tapped into.

D All of the given answers are correct.

387 Why would a laser printer print a page that was too small?

A The pickup tray switches are set incorrectly.

B It is connected using the wrong cable type.

C The page format is landscape.

D The wrong font size was selected in print setup.

388 You could find a 15-pin female D-shell connector on ______.

A a laser printer

B an internal modem

C a sound card

D a mouse

389 You have a machine with IPX installed but it cannot browse the IPX network. What do you need to do?

A Install more memory.

B Enable NETBIOS over IPX.

C Install NetBEUI.

D Install NFS.

390 You have just replaced a toner cartridge, but the printouts still appear with toner specks on the page. What

should be done to eliminate the specks?

A Replace the separator module.

B Replace the toner cartridge again.

C Run a few copies to get rid of the excess toner.

D Change the type of printer paper you are using.

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