This page contains some of the most common questions handled by our support staff.  Click on any question for the answer along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful in assisting students.

General Information

Q.      What is a college catalog and where can I get one?

Q.      When can I get my books?

Q.      Where is Career Services and can they help me get a job?

Q.      Where can I get job search, resume, or interviewing skills assistance?


New Student Placement

Q.      How long will the COMPASS take, how much does it cost, and why do I have to take it?

Q.        If I took the ACT, do I still have to take the COMPASS test?


Academic Advising

Q.      What does an advisor do?

Q.      When should I see an advisor?

Q.      I got a notice in the mail telling me of my faculty advisor.  What is this for?

Q.      How do I know what classes I’m supposed to take?

Q.      What is a curriculum worksheet?

Q.      How do I change my major?


Registering for Classes

Q.        When do I register for classes?

Q.        Why can’t I register for my classes for the entire year at one time?

Q.        How many classes do I have to take to be considered full time?

Q.        Will I graduate with an associate degree in two years?

Q.        How many classes should I take if I work 40 hours per week?

Q.        What is a flex class?

Q.        Can I take classes with my friend?

Q.       What is an elective?

Q.      What is a GAP plan?  When I try to register online, it says I have a GAP plan and must see an SSC Advisor.  What does this mean?


Grade-related Information

Q.       How will I know if I’m going well or not in class?

Q.       What do I do when I get a Midterm Deficiency?

Q.       How do I get in touch with my instructor?


Family-related Matters

Q.       Can I bring my kids with me to class?

Q.       Then what do I do if my children are sick?

Q.       How can I be reached in case of an emergency?


RDG/WRT and FYE classes

Q.       What is Directions?

Q.       How long am I in the Directions advising program?

Q.       What is an FYE 161 Class & why should I take it?

Q.       Why do I have to take FYE 161 or a RDG/WRT class?

Q.       What will the FYE 161 class do for me?


CBE, or Credit By Exam

Q.       What is a CBE?

Specialized Supportive Services

Q         What is the Office of Specialized Supportive Services?

Q         What is the purpose of the Office of Disability Services?

Q         Are all students with a disability registered with the Office of Disability Services?

Q         Does a student with a disability who wants to receive accommodations have to be registered with the Office of Disability Services in order to be accommodated?

Q         Do students have to pay for the counseling services they receive through the college?

Q         Who does the personal counseling?

Q         Are tutoring services free to students?

Q         Can students receive as many hours of tutoring as they want?

Q.        What is peer tutoring?

Q.        Do I have to have an appointment to be tutored?