Room 127 Fallerius
Video Conferencing Room Facility
VOICE LINE: (419) 755-4784  
FAX: (419) 755-5616

This classroom can seat up to 20 students.


Classroom has four Sony TVs to display local and/or remote content for both students and the Instructor. With the hardware in the room, almost any sort of class content can be shared locally and/or remotely:

  • Dedicated "Instructor Cam" Camera with remote tracking.
  • Dedicated "Student Cam" Camera with automatic and manual control options
  • Networked Dell PC w/Internet capability and Powerpoint
  • Document Camera to share "hard copy" materials (newspaper clippings, books handouts, etc.) and light box for overheads.
  • VCR

A wireless remote keypad allows the instructor to flip between these different content sources with the touch of a button.


LifeSize Room System

Dedicated IP connection & General IP H.323 Conferencing Connectivity


  • HD Instructor Cam

  • HD Student Camera

LizeSize 16 mic speakerphone/mic

For NC State Faculty, to get training on this equipment:

 "Intro to Video Conferencing"

For more information on scheduling a conference in this facility contact the  NC State Videoconferencing Coordinator:
Michael Renock-Welker,
(419) 755-4706