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Skills Development Classes


Introduction to Customer Service

Learn the basics of good customer service including professional demeanor, dress,  and communications. Emphasis will be placed on exhibiting a high level work ethic and maintaining confidentiality. Students will learn how to communicate a customer focus, meet customer needs and represent their employer to the public in a professional, competent manner. Students will also receive training in Windows and Microsoft software products. Course is 20 hours long and includes practice interviewing and  job application instruction. Students completing this course will receive a certificate and be prepared for entry level service positions.

Life as a Supervisor: What You Need to Succeed

Mastery of supervision is vital to organizational success because supervisors are the main point of contact and they oversee personnel quality control issues every moment of the day. These issues can directly and significantly impact the company's productivity, and therefore the health of the entire organization.

Is your organization facing any of these issues:

  • Are your supervisors lacking basic, yet essential, interaction skills?
  • Are your supervisors effective at introducing changes to the workplace?
  • Are unresolved performance and work-habit issues impacting other's morale or productivity?
  • Do supervisors understand why trust is a business imperative and what strategies they should use to build or regain trust?

Course Overview

  • Supervision: Key Link to Productivity
  • On the Job Requirements
  • Understanding People
  • Characteristics of the Successful Supervisor

Working as a Team

In almost every job, success depends on shared projects, effective group interaction, coordinated efforts, and helping one another. For a team to achieve its goals, its members must do more than just carry their own weight. They must engage and support their teammates. Participants must learn to commit to the success of the entire team.

Is your organization facing any of these issues:

  • Is your organization having a difficult time reaching its goals?
  • Do weak team skills impede team performance and decrease productivity?
  • Do your employees know how to make the most of different styles and abilities?
  • Are your teams reluctant to embrace the overall visions of your organization?

Course Overview

  • Wanted: Terrific Teamwork
  • Profiliing Your Team
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Team Player Quick Check
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team Success Factors

Communication 101

In today's busines environment, intense competition and rapid change have dramtically expanded the need for information. When people in your organization are communicating effectively, they are informed and able to participate, contribute, and add value to their jobs and the organization.

Is your organization facing any of these isssues:

  • Is communication not always clear and concise?
  • Are deadlines missed due to communication issues?
  • Are poor listening techniques causing miscommunications?
  • Are mixed messages negatively impacting your organization's operations and overall productivity?

Course Overview

  • Communication — How it Works
  • Effective Listening Techniques
  • What I Really Meant to Say
  • Closing the Loop

Essential Leadership Skills

Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve the group or organizational goals. Leaders inspire and motivate. The essence of being an effective people leader lies in establishing good interpersonal work relationships and having the ability to spark action in others.

Is your organization facing any of theses issues:

  • Do your leaders lack basic, yet essential, interaction skills?
  • Do leaders struggle with the transition from "buddy" to "boss" when they are promoted?
  • Does it take too long to make the transition from individual contributor to leader?
  • Do leaders tell people what to do rather than encourage involvement and build commitment?

Course Overview

  • Then and Now
  • The Leaderhsip Mindset
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • The Essential Skills

Dealing with Conflict

Although most people do not enjoy conflict, it is an inevitalbe part of life. When differences cause people to become angry and closed-minded, the resulting conflict has a negative effect on quality, productivity, cooperation, and communication. Dealing with conflict constructively can have a dramatic effect on both personal and organizational success.

Is your organization facing any of these issues:

  • Do people have trouble being objective in the face of conflict?
  • Do people avoid situations where they feel they can't manage the conflicts that might arise?
  • Do discussions in your organization sometimes become deadlocked or turn into personal attacks?
  • Does conflict escalate because people fail to recognize the signs?

Course Overview

  • Conflict: A Two-sided Coin
  • What Gets in the Way?
  • Moving through the Barriers
  • From Conflict to Collaboration


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